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Still alive? Been A While!

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I used to be a daily-regular poster, but I haven't posted in ~1.5 years! How are you in this crazy year of 2020?

Reviewing threads I've posted over the years, life changes & stays the same, with different & similar things important from time to time. Connections highlight life, with this world becoming smaller than we think sometimes. To those who remember me, I'm still alive; my daily visits here with many of you are some of my treasured memories. 

Lots has been happening (& not happening) for me, but I'm gearing up to re-start the daily schedule on my updated hobby website:

...which has more OC,SH NETWORK members:

I have also created a separate-new website for another hobby, my radio shows, with more details than before:

Cort, pig & cow valves with pacemaker
2003 MGM LS + 1981 cmc SC; need 1975 Chrysler Cordoba
"It's always the same old story, you never know what you've got til its gone" | Mike & the Mechanics | 'All I Need Is A Miracle'

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The forums have indeed slowed. Not quite sure why. They have been a great resource of information. I know I've been busy with the new Historic Highway 99 Association of California. Looking forward to the days when we can be more active with the public. So much to do!

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I visit the Forum form time to time, and good to know your are still trucken :). The Virus has kept me off long cross country trips, but fortunately I have a bundle under the belt, with memories, photos, and friends.


As Michael observes, forums have declined in popularity. It is regretful because they offer a means for genuine thoughtful exchange, not thought clips with an image or two tossed in


I created and operated a forum for one of the famous auto trails for a year or two not long ago, but even the senior officers got tired of it, and when I stopped paying the bill, it went away…..no regrets or recriminations, just the simple fact that it was not making big waves!! :)


We had a good run here thanks to American Road and the Repps. Frankly it was a terrific experience and great fun. But technology changes, and we move on.


I have thousands of photographs, and thousands of vintage maps, along with tons of stories and travel logs from over a decade…..a rich and rewarding trove in these Virus days, in large part because of American Road and the Forum. At 80 I am still keeping the show on the road!!


OH, and Michael, I probably have some maps I could copy for you if you need some.  But much of my stuff is pre '99 (before 1926-27)



Keep the Show on the Road!

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I'll make sure there is a link to the forum on my website. Might help get some traffic this way.

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As y'all can see, I'm horrible at replying within a "decent" timeframe. I had every intention of visiting again last Sunday, but a meeting with a client took longer than I'd anticipated ... and the entire day's schedule got even more out of whack with a close friend needing some help-support as well.

That noted ... glad to see the replies.

Forums seem to have slowed down, if not altogether completely gone away, since what felt like their "heyday" back in the early 2000s. Back then, I was a member of over 30 message boards and thoroughly enjoyed it ... & scheduled road trips around meeting people from those forums. At one dinner in Oklahoma City, I discovered a guy I'd known for years on a auto manufacturer-specific message board had been taught by my grandfather in HS in rural Oklahoma. Can't make those type of connection stories up. I get goose bumps every time I tell that story.


Michael ... I, too, am looking forward to being able to socialize in person again. Glad to see interest in US 99. I also checked out your Ridge Route website as well. Nice!


Dave ... glad to see you are alive & well, too! My goodness ... I didn't realize you are 80 years old!  You seem like a youngster. ;)


Cort, 4 OHS * https://www.oldcarsstronghearts.com/ocsh-network/
2003 MGM LS + 1981 cmc SC; want 1975 Chrysler Cordoba
"Rockies are calling, Denver snow falling" | Steve Wariner/Alabama | 'Tennessee Christmas'

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Good to hear from all of you. Maybe this pandemic can prompt us to exchange more information about our past and future road trips on the Forum again. The short one and two sentence posts on Facebook and Twitter just aren't very fulfilling. 

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Thanks for the encouragement! I have nothing against Facebook, but you are absolutely correct. I can certainly contribute to the Forum. As you might suppose I have tons of road trip experiences over a 60 year period.

I would enjoy putting a few stories together with photos. But by and large they will not be too current. I’ll give a shot, and if it appeals.

Here are a couple of ideas. Any preferences?

I have a stack of Ford Times magazine from the late 40’s. This was the peak of post WWII road travel, when we could again get on the road. I could probably pull something together from them.

We took a road trip a few weeks ago to a fishing port on the Washington coast….boats, lighthouse, etc.

As you know I have tons of road maps, Automobile Blue Books, Hobbs Grade and Surface Guide, from 100 years ago, etc etc. I can always do a piece on something about almost anywhere in America in 1917 or 1920.

I am probably the “world expert” on the National Parks Highway, and no slouch on the Yellowstone Trail and the Yellowstone Highway.

Anyway, that is just a sample. If something might sync with upcoming issues, I’d give it a try as well.


Keep the Show on the Road.

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