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    Mostly US highways, mostly California. I follow the geology as well as the history of the roadways. I have online tours of US 6, US 99, and the Ridge Route from Los Angeles to Bakersfield (US 6 from Los Angeles to Tonopah, NV) on my website - socalregion.com. KM6GCB
  1. Michael Ballard

    My Oregon Trail Odyssey

    Great stories and photos! How did you manage the river crossings? Did you caulk your wagon or ford the river? I haven't seen much of the Oregon Trail myself. Mostly bicycling over Barlow Pass, driving over South Pass and seeing the marker for the "three corners?", and the wagon ruts near Ft. Laramie, WY. I always find it interesting how trails like these, so important in the past, become relegated to side roads (if even that) in modern times. Grande Ronde is also the site of a volcano from many millions of years ago, possibly a caldera. I'll have to look that up again.
  2. Michael Ballard

    Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

    Great photos! One aspect I am not sure was covered at the visitors center were the emergent coastline features. In the bottom photo at Cooks Chasm, you may note the larger bench extending out into the sea. That bench was partially formed during an earthquake that raised the land, most likely from the earthquake in January 1700.
  3. Michael Ballard

    New Ridge Route website

    I look forward to seeing a link to the site. The Ridge Route does need your help.
  4. Michael Ballard

    Us 99 News?

    Very cool article! I am glad to see when all the research we have done gets recognized.
  5. Michael Ballard

    New Ridge Route website

    Recently, I became a member of the board for the Ridge Route Preservation Organization. One of my first acts was to help create a new website for the group. The Ridge Route Preservation Organization is a group that is working to get the roadway open and maintained again. I do believe we will be successful in this venture. The new website, http://ridgeroute.org , will act as a newsletter, give updates on the roadway, and help raise funds for our effort.
  6. Michael Ballard

    Us 99 News?

    News from Redding - Parts of old 99 in Mountain Gate will be signed! http://www.redding.com/story/news/2017/10/21/signs-recall-days-when-old-highway-99-busy-route-mountain-gate/780505001/
  7. Great photos of the old highway and gorge. You mentioned about those floods. Some of the numbers that came out of those floods are truly staggering. At Wallula Gap, east of The Dalles, the flow was estimated to be between 6 and 10 cubic MILES of water per hour. Rivers tend to be measured in cubic FEET per second. Huge difference. The flood, at its highest point, filled the Columbia River Gorge nearly to the top. Imagine the view from Crown Point along the Columbia River Highway with the gorge completely filled with water. There are other features from the floods, yes, floods, that defy imagination. These floods happened at least 35-40 times. The geologist, J. Harlen Bretz, that came up with the original theory was basically laughed at by the scientific community until another geologist, Pardee, came up with the source of the water. It is a fascinating story and something that always gives me pause when I am in that region.
  8. I finally posted a followup to the tour. http://socalregion.com/cajon-pass-tour-august-12-2017-review/ The next tour will be advertised a bit more, but I still will just do it myself. I don't intend to collect monies for the tours just yet. Having some other group handling it wouldn't quite fit what I do. My next tour will either be on US 80 or US 99 (what section is still being looked into).
  9. While it looks like it will be a low turnout (still no real idea until I show up that morning), I still intend to make the best of it. It should be a lot of fun, despite the heat predicted.
  10. The tour will include as much of the original roadway as possible as well as the last pre-freeway alignment. There are sections remaining, that will be viewed, of the 1916 macadam paving.
  11. Michael Ballard

    What's Your Favorite National Park?

    I saw the article in the magazine. Very cool to see! Thank you for the opportunity to contribute.
  12. Plans are getting a bit more set for the Cajon Pass tour. The start location has changed to Devore. More details can be found at : http://socalregion.com/august-12-2017-cajon-pass-highway-tour/
  13. I am hosting a tour of a portion of the Cajon Pass on August 12, 2017. It will cover the highway from the San Bernardino train station to Cajon Summit. The tour will be in a caravan with designated stops. If anyone is interested in this, please let me know. More details will follow soon.
  14. Back in the late 1940's, there was a rather treacherous curve on US 80 between Viejas and Descanso. Today, there is nothing but a large road cut and a vista point. The original plan, however, was to built a tunnel to bypass the curve. It was never built but provisions were made for it at the time. I posted some information about the plans on my site - http://socalregion.com/a-tunnel-on-us-80/ Enjoy!
  15. Michael Ballard

    Us 99 News?

    Does anyone have any updates on US 99 through California, Oregon, or Washington? Plenty is going on here in California. A section of the highway near Fresno is being realigned to accommodate the new high speed rail. A portion of old alignment is also being removed as well, bypassed about 1960. In Southern California, there has been much work on the section of US 99 in the San Fernando Valley. A pipeline replacement project has partially torn up San Fernando Road in the north end of Glendale, a section which also had old curbing. Burbank is also doing a lot of resurfacing along their stretch, with Caltrans replacing the former North Burbank Underpass with a re-realigned (going back to the original alignment actually) San Fernando Blvd. What's new in other areas along US 99?