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  2. We have some great news! After speaking with officials with the City of Madera, they have agreed to post our Historic Route signs along Gateway Drive. This is the first new signage we will be placing, as Calexico was replacing existing signage. Getting approval in Madera is a significant accomplishment for us and I look forward to many more in the future. We don't have a date yet for the installation but we anticipate it within the next couple months. I want to thank Andrew Maximous, the City of Madera, and all our members and donors for helping make this happen. https://historic99.org/historic-route-signs-madera/
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  4. This is a reply to a friend here, but it may turn into a thread of interest to all. Hutch, Are you still with the red Jeep? Yes, forums have declined in popularity in the face of alternatives like Facebook. I operated a Forum for one of our major auto trails for a while, but when I stopped paying for it, it was abandoned. No fault, it was mainly used by serious roadies, and that isn’t a huge number. It sounds like you are headed for some of the most spectacular country in America. It has been a couple of years now since I was in Moab, Bluff, Monument Valley. The Arches, Zion, etc etc. I was meeting up with the son and daughter of pioneer trail blazer, Dolf Andrus, who blazed the Monumental Highway in that area. I think if you search the Forum for Monumental Highway or Andrus you may find some potentially rewarding stuff I posted a few years ago to enrich your trip. I threw in below a few of my “scenics” of the area mostly 50 years old, with a couple of new ones. Post some of yours if you have time. I would love to see them. If you intend to spend a little time, I can probably guide you to some interesting sites and road stories in and around Bluff and Monument Valley. And we should share that on the Forum. I am now in my early 80’s and my wife is limited in her travel ability, so I am mostly enjoying my 70 years of slides, movies, videos, stories, maps, and terrific road adventures gathered over the years. We may get another RV she can be comfortable in, but as you would appreciate, it ain’t like a Jeep! Oh, I saw Denny Gibson the other day. He is still the premier roadie!! Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  5. * So, I finally detailed my car. Big deal, right? For me, this time, it kinda is! When I had my family of MCs, I spent every "automotive season" Saturday (weather permitting) detailing a car. But, when I detailed my 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis LS (which I'd bought late 2016) a few weeks ago, I hadn't detailed a car in at least 6 years. That sparked a "Monday Mystery" social media status which then led to a full entry (including pictures!) on OC,SH. If you'd like to read the tale, check it out here: https://www.oldcarsstronghearts.com/2021/07/21/cleaning-detail/ Meantime, 1 reason I list events in all 50 states on the OC,SH website is to encourage people to travel to meet. I did that a lot ~2002-2011 (which some of you might remember). Along those road trips, I discovered some cool connections. Take a look at the list & see what you might want to attend yet this year. As always, you are welcome to join us in Elgin IL along Historic US 20 for Cruise Days (Sundays, 3p-6p) & Cruise Nights (Wednesdays, 6p-8p). What road trips have you planned & done around gatherings? Cruise Days-Nights & Events: https://www.oldcarsstronghearts.com/ocsh-cruise-nights/ Cort, pig & cow valves with pacemaker 2003 MGM LS + 1981 cmc SC; need 1975 Chrysler Cordoba "Let me slip away" | Gordon Lightfoot | 'Carefree Highway'
  6. Enter the AMERICAN ROAD "Pet Places" Photo Contest for a chance to win $500. Show off your images of places (e.g. attractions, monuments, geographical features, motels, diners, etc.) that honor the bond between human and hound or feline. https://form.jotform.com/212230957528962 Enter before midnight on August 20.
  7. I wanted to thank the staff of American Road Magazine and Becky Repp for the inclusion of the Historic Highway 99 Association of California in the most recent American Road magazine. We are small, but we are growing. We have members now in CA, OR, WA, and BC. We are working on getting historic route signage up in various cities. We also host monthly meetings with presentations on various topics about US 99. In August, we had a representative from Mentryville, an old oil boom town just west of Santa Clarita and the birthplace of California oil, talk about its history. Things are moving, even if slowly. There is much to do. Thank you again for including us! We really appreciate it and intend to return the favor.
  8. Hi Becky, No problem on the delay…… It is kind of you to reply!! I have plenty to keep me out of trouble in any event. BTW, our old friend Denny Gibson was in the Puget Sound area a couple of weeks ago, and we had a great time recalling our Forum adventures. I’ll keep an eye out for any replies to my Forum inquiry. I celebrated my 81st in mid July and I want to tell you that American Road Magazine (I was a charter subscriber, pre publication!), you folks, and the many friends I made over my 14 years (so far) on the Forum were life altering. Truly. I have never tried to count the many many road adventures prompted and encouraged by American Road. It must run into the hundreds, a rich and treasured part of my golden years. I have more in the future, but I owe the Repps enormous gratitude now. My road trips have engaged, entertained, educated, and enlarged my perspectives. I have met and gotten to know a wide range of my countrymen and country women, in towns and villages spread across America. Images and appreciations that began in my grammar school readers came to life as I met cowboys, small town mayors, loggers and fishermen, college professors and waitresses and shared their pride in their community and an interest in what was down the road. I have spent many nights in historic hotels, learned the real history of real people, taken tens of thousands of photographs (some enjoyed by others), written volumes (some that has been read), met wonderful people, and much much more…...thanks to a post card I got years ago about a new magazine that would deal with the Two Lane Roads of America. My great appreciation goes to you folks for many great years of wonderful road trips, with more to come! David
  9. Hi everyone. II hope you are doing well. apologize for being MIA. We've been dealing with flooding and short staffing due to Covid issues, etc. I was just taking a quick peek on the Forum and saw this string. Dave, I apologize for not responding to your message: Here are a couple of ideas. Any preferences? I have a stack of Ford Times magazine from the late 40’s. This was the peak of post WWII road travel, when we could again get on the road. I could probably pull something together from them. We took a road trip a few weeks ago to a fishing port on the Washington coast….boats, lighthouse, etc. As you know I have tons of road maps, Automobile Blue Books, Hobbs Grade and Surface Guide, from 100 years ago, etc etc. I can always do a piece on something about almost anywhere in America in 1917 or 1920. I am probably the “world expert” on the National Parks Highway, and no slouch on the Yellowstone Trail and the Yellowstone Highway. Anyway, that is just a sample. If something might sync with upcoming issues, I’d give it a try as well. Truthfully Dave, I would be interested in any and all of the subjects. But I'd like to hear what everyone else wants to read about. Preferences anyone?
  10. Calling all photographers! AMERICAN ROAD’s “Pet Places—the Ultimate Furry Friend Road Trip Photo Contest and Giveaway” is underway! Our upcoming Winter issue explores everything fur-baby: from canine programmatic architecture and giant feline sculptures to an interview with Cesar Millan discussing traveling with pets. AMERICAN ROAD's 2021 "Pet Places—Ultimate Furry Friend Road Trip Giveaway" Photography Contest celebrates where our passion for travel and pets meet - send us photographs of your favorite pet-friendly motel, a shrine to a special pooch, or a snapshot of your favorite furry road trip companion. Winning images will be announced and published in the Winter issue. We are also proud to partner with Revefly on this contest and giveaway to raise money for Animal Haven, a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue. Let the photo snapping commence! Enter the giveaway, then it will provide an opportunity to upload an image for the photo contest. https://www.revelfly.com/ultimate-furry-friend-road-trip...
  11. * 1st Cruise Day & 1st Cruise Night are in the books, complete with pics on the website (updated with more events) here: https://www.oldcarsstronghearts.com/ocsh-cruise-nights/ Even better! The forecast for this Sunday's Cruise Day & next Wednesday's Cruise Night is (so far) much better than last week's weather. Anyone joining me for some summer time fun? Cort, pig & cow valves with pacemaker 2003 MGM LS + 1981 cmc SC; want 1975 Chrysler Cordoba "So i'll drive & I think about my life" | Zac Brown Band | 'Highway 20 Ride'
  12. * Been another long while since I have visited. Hope everyone is well. Posting now because I am excited to share some news! OC,SH CRUISE DAYS & NIGHTS Start July 11 & July 14 respectively @ Mozzafiato along historic US 20 in Elgin IL. Official announcement, with a personal note about US 20: https://www.oldcarsstronghearts.com/2021/07/06/announcing-cruise-days-nights/ Website page with full details (dates, times, etc), plus a list of events including at least 1 in every U.S. state: https://www.oldcarsstronghearts.com/ocsh-cruise-nights/ Will you join us? IN OTHER NEWS: Still researching options for a new radio show home, but details of my past shows, including some you can still hear online, are here: https://www.cdshowcase.com/radio-show-history/ Also, 02/20/2021, I posted a vent-rant, which includes some rather personal news, on Facebook. The status is probably similar to the thought-provoking threads I used to post on the boards, if anyone remembers those. Anyway, I decided to make the status public, so check it out if you are interested in a discussion. Cort, pig & cow valves with pacemaker 2003 MGM LS + 1981 cmc SC; need 1975 Chrysler Cordoba "Getting there is half the fun" | The Muppets, Kermit & Fozzie | 'Movin' Right Along'
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  14. Still kicking here. You should find a way to post that video. I'd certainly love to see it. I've been working on adding more videos to our YouTube channel. Our Historic Highway 99 Association of California is now a 501(c)3 and things are slowly moving along.
  15. Glad to see there is still life on here! Been many years since I posted anything. I was just looking at the National Road U.S. 40 Forum and the old brick road road in Norwich, Ohio. In 2017 our Ohio/W Penn Region of the Dodge Brothers Club hosted a meet in Cambridge with side trips. One trip was to go across the brick road in Norwich with our cars. I have a 2.5 mb video of a 1926 Dodge Brothers touring car driving most of the length of that section. Les
  16. And another update. Yesterday, we finally received our IRS Determination Letter. We are officially a 501c3 organization!
  17. On March 24, 2021, we finally posted new signs in Calexico, California. The original Historic Route signs, posted about 1995, were badly faded and in need of a refresh. In cooperation with the City of Calexico, we replaced the old signs with new larger signs. We plan to replace all the signs in Calexico in the near future. This was our first project as well and a big break for the Historic Highway 99 Association of California. https://historic99.org/calexico-signs-posted/
  18. One of my favorite stops on old US 80 in San Diego County passed a huge milestone last weekend. The Wisteria Candy Cottage, which really has the best fudge and chocolates in the County, turned 100 years old. They've been hand making chocolates since before US 80 even existed. Not many businesses survived along the road since it was bypassed about 1972. This one remains and can get quite busy. http://wisteriacandycottage.com/ Like Schatt's Bakery in Bishop on US 395, this is a "must stop".
  19. Thursday, February 18, was a big day for the Association. Our first project, 04IMP21001 – the Calexico sign replacement project, is going forward. I have been in contact with the Public Works Manager for the city regarding our proposal. Yesterday, they accepted and asked us to proceed with the sign order. On Friday, February 19, I ordered two 24×36 Historic Route 99 signs for the City of Calexico. We are all really excited about this, even though it is “just a replacement”. This is a big thing for us. The city could well have said no but they didn’t. We saw this as an opportunity to help present a better image for the highway and their city. Having faded signs, to the point you don’t really know what they read, isn’t helpful to anyone. Having a nice new sign helps and shows that people care about it. We’d like to put up new signs in new places, but those projects do take a lot longer. We will be successful in those over time. At this point, we are anticipating this project to be complete in the next month. The signs take, on average, about two weeks to make and deliver. Once we get them, we will coordinate with the City for delivery and placement. Optimally, we’d like to have a small ceremony with photos taken. As this is our first project, it is something we’d like to memorialize. We will keep everyone updated as the timeline gets more firm. One thing is certain, this will be done before summer heat sets in! We wish to thank all those that have supported us and this project. We couldn’t have done it without you! We’d also like to extend a special thanks to the City of Calexico and their Public Works Manager, Liliana Falomir, who has been very helpful to us in this venture. Starting March 1, 2021, we are finally starting memberships! All memberships this started this month will be effective March 1, 2021. We are still waiting for our 501(c)3 status to come through, but it should be sometime in March. Your contributions will allow us to continue projects like ours in Calexico, to help promote the highway as well as the towns and businesses along it, and preserve what is left of former US Highway 99. We are moving forward!
  20. Becky, Thanks for the encouragement! I have nothing against Facebook, but you are absolutely correct. I can certainly contribute to the Forum. As you might suppose I have tons of road trip experiences over a 60 year period. I would enjoy putting a few stories together with photos. But by and large they will not be too current. I’ll give a shot, and if it appeals. Here are a couple of ideas. Any preferences? I have a stack of Ford Times magazine from the late 40’s. This was the peak of post WWII road travel, when we could again get on the road. I could probably pull something together from them. We took a road trip a few weeks ago to a fishing port on the Washington coast….boats, lighthouse, etc. As you know I have tons of road maps, Automobile Blue Books, Hobbs Grade and Surface Guide, from 100 years ago, etc etc. I can always do a piece on something about almost anywhere in America in 1917 or 1920. I am probably the “world expert” on the National Parks Highway, and no slouch on the Yellowstone Trail and the Yellowstone Highway. Anyway, that is just a sample. If something might sync with upcoming issues, I’d give it a try as well. Dave Keep the Show on the Road.
  21. Good to hear from all of you. Maybe this pandemic can prompt us to exchange more information about our past and future road trips on the Forum again. The short one and two sentence posts on Facebook and Twitter just aren't very fulfilling.
  22. We now have a PO BOX and are setting up some projects across the state. Hoping to hear back from Calexico soon, but am expecting delays due to the holidays and such. 2021 will be the Year of US 99 if we can help it!
  23. Michael, Congratulations! I look forward to your good work. Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  24. The Historic Highway 99 Association of California is now official! Our incorporation paperwork cleared this morning, 12/8/2020, and we are now a California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation. Really excited about getting things going!
  25. As y'all can see, I'm horrible at replying within a "decent" timeframe. I had every intention of visiting again last Sunday, but a meeting with a client took longer than I'd anticipated ... and the entire day's schedule got even more out of whack with a close friend needing some help-support as well. That noted ... glad to see the replies. Forums seem to have slowed down, if not altogether completely gone away, since what felt like their "heyday" back in the early 2000s. Back then, I was a member of over 30 message boards and thoroughly enjoyed it ... & scheduled road trips around meeting people from those forums. At one dinner in Oklahoma City, I discovered a guy I'd known for years on a auto manufacturer-specific message board had been taught by my grandfather in HS in rural Oklahoma. Can't make those type of connection stories up. I get goose bumps every time I tell that story. Michael ... I, too, am looking forward to being able to socialize in person again. Glad to see interest in US 99. I also checked out your Ridge Route website as well. Nice! Dave ... glad to see you are alive & well, too! My goodness ... I didn't realize you are 80 years old! You seem like a youngster. Cort, 4 OHS * https://www.oldcarsstronghearts.com/ocsh-network/ 2003 MGM LS + 1981 cmc SC; want 1975 Chrysler Cordoba "Rockies are calling, Denver snow falling" | Steve Wariner/Alabama | 'Tennessee Christmas'
  26. I'll make sure there is a link to the forum on my website. Might help get some traffic this way.
  27. Cort, I visit the Forum form time to time, and good to know your are still trucken :). The Virus has kept me off long cross country trips, but fortunately I have a bundle under the belt, with memories, photos, and friends. As Michael observes, forums have declined in popularity. It is regretful because they offer a means for genuine thoughtful exchange, not thought clips with an image or two tossed in I created and operated a forum for one of the famous auto trails for a year or two not long ago, but even the senior officers got tired of it, and when I stopped paying the bill, it went away…..no regrets or recriminations, just the simple fact that it was not making big waves!! :) We had a good run here thanks to American Road and the Repps. Frankly it was a terrific experience and great fun. But technology changes, and we move on. I have thousands of photographs, and thousands of vintage maps, along with tons of stories and travel logs from over a decade…..a rich and rewarding trove in these Virus days, in large part because of American Road and the Forum. At 80 I am still keeping the show on the road!! OH, and Michael, I probably have some maps I could copy for you if you need some. But much of my stuff is pre '99 (before 1926-27) Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
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