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  2. The '64 or '65 Plymouth Barracuda at lower right is the newest vehicle I can definitely ID.
  3. We drove across Wyoming back in October, and on the wall at Little America they had this photo that is labeled "Little America 1960s." I found it fascinating, and hopefully you will, too.
  4. * Each time I visit, I INTEND to visit regularly to not have so much catching up to do, but life gets in the way. A good thing, for the most part. May was the last time I visited, so some FYI updates, with links for pics and more info, if you are interested. But 1st: Anyone in Chicagoland want to meet? Also, I am formulating road trips to northwest IL, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, southern IL, Tennessee, Carolinas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc, so please advise if you would like me to visit! Along the way, I may attend EVENTS listed on my 3 websites: https://www.cdshowcase.com/events/ https://www.cdconsultingservice.com/events/ https://www.oldcarsstronghearts.com/ocsh-cruise-nights/ ON THE AIR Tuesday, 11/22/2022, I joined Carol for the last few minutes of the WRMN-EAC "Chamber Chat" program; you can see and hear me starting around the 31 minute mark via Facebook live: https://www.facebook.com/CDShowcase/posts/pfbid0co9FqtX6VkR43dQTLFhHj5DTvWbrjU6zABJ88BiizwkSbmm2PYw9Y7s4APLykUX1l ROAD TRIPS-VISITS * 06/2022, I drove to western IL and far eastern IA with an aunt and cousin. https://www.facebook.com/CDConsultingService/posts/pfbid02KZ6Qiit49zDWkWhBqKtnu7ztT3YjieMpsgajimACEeLbtqxosYZfvFcMB9ivX4vPl * 07/2022, I met a friend in Marengo IL. https://www.facebook.com/CDShowcase/posts/pfbid0FSoJLxb5iuDZSR9WAd2Qpq7Wt4dzbMjjbuvj6tLgjxUH8jkKx3EjWQzhZRoY3i4Jl * 08/2022, After months of planning, I finally road tripped to Springfield IL to see a friend and was treated to a ride in a cool car. https://www.facebook.com/OldCarsStrongHearts/posts/pfbid02rXpU4FRKXj69x9KTbN88w2XsoCe5nrTULFDHWbJpH4r61mL6dmiVRwgb5hLLNiWal * 09-10/2022, I journeyed along several mini road trips, but neglected to take pictures of my trip to northeast IN, tho I did write up the details. https://www.facebook.com/cortOldCarsStrongHearts/posts/pfbid02VeEynckWModdwhsM7Wx8bz8At759g7A8yX3jPouqHNJW5LGft37qdcwfkovphiqUl MY CARS MEET My 2 cars (2003 Mercury Grand Marquis LS and 1981 Monte Carlo SC) finally met in person for the 1st time in southeast IL, 10/2022: https://www.facebook.com/OldCarsStrongHearts/posts/pfbid0Gt8FzMp2EKYSCXpYiLfk1sCJknFc6ewFYdBgH76hyVu3MLiY61GRSsHxKF2ibZudl During that same trip, I took several cool photos, including these 2: https://www.facebook.com/cortOldCarsStrongHearts/posts/pfbid0o8axkDdQVCHYrmDNJPRAVKHCDrikFSDx7z5hu5peiQWkaoWtgXCPV4i2adbiV2Xel https://www.facebook.com/cortOldCarsStrongHearts/posts/pfbid02p1UdfSSDgAU9cQhphxC6KjU5W1VbqcpDdBctPmMe48EdeVY2KBXA2tWqQjFygwTql REMEMBERED-CELEBRATED * Dan at 3 months: https://www.facebook.com/cortOldCarsStrongHearts/posts/pfbid0SMtaTpnbUoch4g8mDh8EwDU9R1uzEoxFBpsdFp6c4tgzF19i3edqNd62kecqgBDml * 07/01/2022, my pacemaker was replaced, after over a year of being told the replacement would be "within months"; funny how that works. https://www.facebook.com/cortOldCarsStrongHearts/posts/pfbid02aerGs9jtb8nVgmV5jmHXCSveuXZWtGezpUGVf3fyNcZQDEjtB5xBkvTjQ8F57Gs4l * Dan at 6 months: https://www.facebook.com/cortOldCarsStrongHearts/posts/pfbid02WadQRYcGgsLDQdTrj9WbUHMhkRnGGRnPaQiSLJSNtekHrrcW2ZkAb8kiUgHnzRmHl * 10/31/2022, for Halloween, we had 22 trick or treaters, including Nephew And The 2 Nieces. https://www.facebook.com/cortOldCarsStrongHearts/posts/pfbid0sxbqh6Qefdg59wNZimCtMcEzixnQ6oeBbstQQHGKPvUT2pzF5n1zyPvBY2tmGfhfl * 11/11/2022, 11 years since my 4th open heart surgery; celebrated a day early on the last "warm" day of the year with this photo: https://www.facebook.com/cortOldCarsStrongHearts/posts/pfbid02M3UmxGWtLTKbeXWb8nbs89sdCEeK3UEiAGnsREZ8r2emW9io2HEy7c5jVtRqLABKl * 11/24/2022, Thanksgiving Day, I posted a sampling of the GRATITUDE LOG I began in early May: https://www.facebook.com/cortOldCarsStrongHearts/posts/pfbid0wvphc5dB6tbV7XVt2A289S4DHfXeAdvFqguvztu6YpLri9mKMtcQaPHvPAMT9y3Xl Cort, pig and cow valves with pacemaker 2003 MGM LS + 1981 cmc SC; need 1975 Chrysler Cordoba "Wonderin' what's real & wonderin' why" | Andy & Terry Murray | 'Treasures For The Road'
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