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In this Issue

In this Summer 2018 issue of American Road, we keep the faith. We begin with a look at the landscape through twelve tuneful locations: “Rock Around the Road” visits places that played part in rock-and-roll history—from the boardwalk fortune-teller’s booth that intrigued a young Bruce Springsteen to the Kansas City club where Chuck Berry played his last blueberry performance. You’ll hear the Stones along the way: “Brown Sugar” and “Wild Horses” ring through the echo chamber that is Muscle Shoals Sound Studio.

“Vinyl Record Rides” showcases vehicles driven by music superstars, including the psychedelic bus from the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour and the violet motorcycle Prince rode in the movie Purple Rain. Appropriately, Paul McCartney and the Purple One score in our “Car Tunes” feature—an article that reveals our favorite songs written about automobiles. After that, we visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture, and the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, before dropping by Graceland for an encore. Here’s a secret: Elvis has never really left the building. And he never will.

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