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In This Issue

This issue of American Road explores wide-open spaces. In it, we look at roads and destinations likely to afford you some latitude. We start with “King of the Wild Frontier,” a feature that recounts the life of David Crockett. The famous Tennessean may not have “kilt him a b’ar when he was only three,” but he nevertheless grew into an American legend. We pursue the man beyond the myth from his birthplace in Limestone, Tennessee, to his final hour at the Alamo.

Daniel Boone is a man associated with raccoon-skin caps, although he actually preferred wide-brimmed beaver hats of the Quaker variety. Whatever he kept on his head, he was likely wearing it the day he led settlers over the Cumberland Gap back in 1775—an accomplishment we recall in “Through the Gap with Daniel Boone.” Boone went on to carve out a Wilderness Road to points north in Kentucky. We shadow his route, making sure we try to famous spoonbread at Boone Tavern Hotel in Berea.

Kit Carson was another scout whose name is today almost everywhere. We look at some of the places he went—and many he didn’t—in our postcard review “It’s Kit!” From there, we strike out toward more points lonely, finding Meriwether Lewis at Fort Clatsop, William Clark at Pompey’s Pillar, and Isabella Bird in the Rocky Mountains. Bird, of course, took herself just about as far away from everyone as she could go the day she became the first woman to scale Longs Peak. We salute her achievement and tip our old frontier cap to her.



Summer 2020


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