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In This Issue

Two years ago, the wheels of the world stopped with little warning. Traffic grew quiet; roads through major cities stood empty and forlorn. All we could see through the fog of our windshields was an unprecedented new fright called COVID-19. And none of us knew where we were going.

When the Great Shutdown occurred—and printing presses stopped, making magazine production impossible—no one at American Road was sure how to proceed. But eventually, we found our Detroit moxie, hitched ourselves up by our oil-soaked overalls, and decided to release an all-electronic issue. That issue took Route 66 as its theme because the Mother Road represents nostalgic comfort to so many of our readers. In that fashion, we—like everyone else—strove to drive through the COVID-19 crisis and come out on the other side.

Now, it’s been two years. We’ve seen something resembling dawn at the end of our national nightmare. Printing presses are rolling again, and American Road finds itself at the beginning of its twentieth year in publication. We at its helm had long planned to commemorate our two-decade anniversary with special editions that looked back at the best of our past. And that electronic Route 66 issue we produced at the pandemic’s onset has become part of that equation.

Your letters to us made it so: “We love the electronic Route 66 issue, but isn’t there a way we can have a copy on paper?” you asked. “When the pandemic ends, will you go back and print this edition?” “We need this in our library!”

So here is that issue on paper at long last—published as a tribute to the last two years we’ve all endured, and a tribute to the two decades American Road has been in the car with you. You'll find it filled with the nostalgia you love—and homages to a tradition that survives somehow, when so much of life has been changed.





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