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In This Issue

This issue of American Road finds its focus in phantoms and fiends. It’s a paper version of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery played out across 120 creepy pages.

Our excursion into the shadowlands begins with “Highway Haunts,” a compendium of thirty sites around North America sure to prick up your goose pimples. Here are stories of Melon Heads and magic statues, devil’s chairs and a bridge whose understructure is haunted by the ghost of a boy who pitches back coins dropped in his direction. You want gruesome? Try visiting the Villisca Axe Murder House. It's Lizzie Borden with more hatchet.

Canadian actor and comedian Dan Aykroyd is the man Hollywood calls when it needs a ghostbuster. In our exclusive interview, he talks about road trips, blues brothers, and things that wear sunglasses in the night. Afterward, we duck into the Moonville Tunnel in southern Ohio in search of a decapitated brakeman, and roll into Lake Wales, Florida, to see if grabby specters really do pull cars backward up Spook Hill. We face a feathered maniac inside Alabama’s Haunted Chicken House and attend a last supper that is all heebie-jeebies in the Nevada desert. Have you ever heard of a haunted weathervane? There’s one in Maryland in the form of a metal man named Little Heiskell, and he sure knows which was the wind blows this autumn—in American Road.

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