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In This Issue

Lighthouses! In this issue, we take our focus from those beacons of hope and Hallmark cards—those bright-eyed sentinels found shoreside, standing up straightly between a rock and a hard place, forever enduring, perpetually assuring, always there.

Our lead feature, “Back to the Lighthouse,” finds its life in forty of those celebrated signals, from the North Pier Lights at St. Joseph, Michigan, that freeze into burning popsicles every winter, to Lime Kiln Light on Washington’s San Juan Island, where the orcas of J pod play. Did you now that Bolivar Point Light, in Texas, provided shelter for survivors of the 1900 Galveston hurricane? Or that Sankaty Head Light, in Massachusetts, inspired Moby-Dick author Herman Melville to pen his last masterpiece?

Only one lighthouse in the country continues to be manned, and that manning is notably done by a woman: Her name is Sally Snowman, and she is the first woman keeper of Boston Light, the oldest lighthouse in the land. In “The Last Lighthouse Keeper” we set down her story and that of the venerable beacon she tends.

Afterward, we travel to Connecticut to visit the first lighthouse museum in the country; drop by Highland Light on Cape Cod, where naturalist Henry David Thoreau lodged during the 1850s; and seek out the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse on the streets of New York. Eventually, we find our way to the Oregon Coast and Tillamook Rock Light, which is today a columbarium—a salty place of eternal rest for any sailor who has braved life’s storms.




American Road magazine Autumn 2021


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