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In This Issue

In this issue of American Road, we return to the drive-ins—and we do so with a bent that remembers Panic in Year Zero! (1962), Logan’s Run (1976), and other sci-fi classics that once set those alfresco screens ablaze. Our show begins with “A Night at the Drive-In 3,” a feature compendium that collects the stories behind thirty-two drive-ins nationwide—from long-timers such as the Wellfleet Drive-In of Massachusetts and the Parma Motor-Vu in Idaho to newcomers that include Alabama’s Sand Mountain Twin and the Showboat of Hockley, Texas.

In “Star Trek Original Movie Locations” we boldly go where Captain Kirk and crew went while shooting the first seven Star Trek films (1979–1994). Did you know that Minerva Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park stood in for the steamy planet Vulcan? Or that superhuman villain Khan Noonien Singh blew up inside the Cow Palace of Daly City, California? It made for riveting cinema. So did all ten of the movies showcased in “American Road ’s Sci-Fi Road Films”—a best-of list that celebrates the futuristic, on-the-go movies that brought us ice robots, gyro captains, and telepathic dogs. Our departments chart a similar course, visiting Meteor Crater, Arizona, where Starman (1984) was filmed; recalling Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) at Devils Tower, Wyoming; and returning to Planet of the Apes (1968) to unearth sites that drove Charlton Heston bananas.


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