AMERICAN ROAD® Receives Critical Acclaim in Multiple “BEST TRAVEL MAGAZINE” lists for 2024

ENJOY TRAVEL LIFE listed AMERICAN ROAD as #1 in the Best Specialty Magazines for Travelers (2024) category.
Travelers Press named AMERICAN ROAD in the Top 25 Travel Magazines (2024). It’s #16, but it’s one of only 3 in that group dedicated to travel in the USA.
AMERICAN ROAD is listed in the Top 25 Travel Magazines in 2024 by Ranker.

Advertiser Testimonial

My very FIRST and STRONGEST recommendation was to keep AMERICAN ROAD on the plan because I feel you gave us the biggest return on investment, the digital AV was tremendous, and just the quality of the ads was great.

—Rhonda Tang, True Media Services


AMERICAN ROAD Highlights: Listen to the audio below for a brief introduction to AMERICAN ROAD by the General Manager.

Reader Testimonial

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this magazine! I have subscribed to several different travel magazines in the past. However, they were more ads than substance and too high-end for the average traveler. I happened on this magazine and decided to give it a try.   just finished my first issue and I’m anxious for more! I’m a social studies teacher and avid traveler, and I love reading about little known landmarks and the history behind the different points of interest. Even some of the ads caught my attention! Keep up the good work!
—Elizabeth Chapman


AMERICAN ROAD magazine is an award-winning quarterly, full color, 84+page periodical published by Mock Turtle Press. Whether you plot your course north, south, east or west-we’ve got ALL corners of the United States covered.

Heritage Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the US. People from all walks of life enjoy vacationing and the freedom of traveling the open road. The number of individuals interested in the heritage tourism industry is comparable to the number of people who golf (24 million), fish (41 million), and camp (43 million).

The promotional benefits and dynamics of advertising in AMERICAN ROAD. AMERICAN ROAD provides the ultimate vehicles to reach road trip enthusiasts-we deliver information directly to the consumer, when and how they want it. We cover more people and a wider demographic of the public because we cross media platforms to capitalize on the broadest possible consumer reach. Your advertisements will be seen and heard by travelers who are interested in discovering America’s backyard-an audience 100 percent interested in what you have to say!

Create a lasting impression by integrating your brand throughout the entire AMERICAN ROAD experience. You’ll reach US road trip enthusiasts around the world.

Reader Testimonials

Just had a look at your new web site for AMERICAN ROAD. It looks great. Tell everyone who put this site together that they did a great job. I will have to check out this sight weekly…This issue has been great reading and I am still reading with a hot mug of malt.

Best regards,

—Jim Sonter, Australia

We just love your magazine! We ride a motorcycle and we put our copy of AMERICAN ROAD in the camper behind the motorcycle so it is with us on the road. We use the magazine for reference. As a matter of fact we read the article about US 6 and last weekend, we went to the Candy Kitchen in Wilton, Iowa because we saw it in the magazine. What a great place! Keep up the good work!

—Elizabeth Diaz, Illinois

When I first saw AMERICAN ROAD at Barnes and Noble, I flipped through it and wondered why in the world had I never seen this incredible magazine before.

—Dave C, Summerfield, FL

Your magazine is just filled with all kinds of kinds of crazy stuff that road trips are made of!”

—Cindy N, York, PA

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