Preview American Road Magazine – Autumn 2018

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American Road Magazine | June 2018

We look at ghosts and all their company in this autumn issue of American Road, starting with our compendium that is “American Road’s Ghost Ride.” We take you to thirty-two stops across the creepy USA, beginning with the grave of lovesick teen Minnie Quay in Michigan’s peninsular thumb and ending in the domain of a cigar-smoking nun at the Inn and Spa at Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They called her Sister George.

“It Came from the Mihmiverse” introduces us to the work of Christopher R. Mihm, a Minnesota filmmaker who’s keeping the art of the drive-in theatre B-movie alive. He knows something about thrills and chills, whether they’ve come from outer space or atomic waste in a backwoods lake. After that, we head to Adams, Tennessee, and the cave of the Bell Witch, a malevolent spirit who was boiling and bubbling her eyes of newt long before the Blair Witch came along. In between, we visit a repository for ventriloquist dummies, the Salem Witch Museum, and the Exorcist Steps in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., remembering a little devil of 1973.

Soon enough, the trips we take today will become ghosts, too. And the time will come when we travel no more. Of course, the shortness of life’s journey is what makes each moment golden. Spend time with your families this autumn, watching the gold drip from the trees, and take comfort in the idea that someday your kids will do the same with their families. You won’t really be gone in those years to come. You’ll just be a ghost hiding behind that big maple, and a friendly specter in the minds of those who stay longer, popping up now and again in their thoughts like a good-natured “boo.”

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