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  1. Minor correction: The correct name of the national park is Petrified Forest National Park. The Painted Desert itself occupies the northern third or so of the park, and extends outside the park boundaries to east, north, and west. The entire park is a wonderful place.
  2. mga707

    US 56: Kansas-Oklahoma-New Mexico

    The Great Plains--US 56 heading pretty much straight-arrow to the southwest through southwest Kansas, the Oklahoma 'panhandle', and northeastern New Mexico. Came within a few miles of the southeast corner of Colorado and right after crossing from Oklahoma into New Mexico (the shortest state-to-state land border in the US, BTW) we were close enough to the northwest corner of Texas to spit into it!
  3. Just saw the sad news that the historic summit Inn restaurant at the Cajon Pass summit in California has been totally destroyed by the current wildfire. If anyone has more details, or pictures, please post.
  4. mga707

    Butte, Montana On The Yellowstone Trail

    Great pictures! Only been to Butte one time (1999), and for way too short of a visit, but I loved it. Seems so 'authentic', not fancified for tourists and rich visitors.
  5. Took the Alaska Railroad from Anchorage to Fairbanks, with a two-night stopover in Denali National Park, in the summer of 2010, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Still more of a car/plane guy than a train guy, but an overnight train trip is something I would like to experience when I have the time (come on, retirement!). I think cross-country might be a big too long, but I'd love to do the Canadian rail trip between Vancouver and Calgary, or v.v., across the Rockies.
  6. mga707

    Sounds Of Drag Strip Engines!

    Have not heard of that particular LP, but it sounds like a small label's response to "Big Sounds Of The Drags!", an LP of dragstrip audio that was released on Capitol Records in late 1963 and reached #27 on the "Billboard" album chart in early 1964.
  7. mga707

    A Family Legacy In Car/travel Pictures

    Enjoyed it very much! The 'then-and-now' feature is outstanding. Thanks for posting them.
  8. mga707

    Brick Lh, Ligonier, In

    That piece of road is in amazingly good shape for a 101-year-old! I'd love to see it if I ever get up to the top half of Indiana--I visit frequently but always to the bottom half.
  9. Deja vu. Attempted to send a page via e-mail. The 'captcha' anti-spam device would not work. After indicating that I had assembled the image correctly, it then said it was incorrect when I tried to send the email. The most recent Lincoln Highway thread is the one i was attempting to send.
  10. Great picture! I've seen the building from I-40 but have not been close-up--yet!
  11. mga707

    Tamale Trail, Mississippi Delta

    Tamales in Mississippi, who would've thought? I'll have to try a 'Delta Tamal' (the proper singular of the plural 'tamales' is 'tamal', not 'tamale') if and when I'm back in that area to compare it with our 'Sonora-style' Southern Arizona tamales.
  12. mga707

    O S T / D O H R F C

    Lots of drivable remnants of old US80 on the OST routing, at least in AZ and CA. And, of course, the Old Plank Road that the BLM has preserved in the dunes west of Yuma. As far as the heat, a well-maintained modern vehicle can handle it. Just this past Sunday I drove home from LA on I-10. The reading on my car's outside thermometer was at 110 or over all the way from the Palm Springs area to the east side of the Phoenix valley, where welcome thunderstorms and much-needed rain dropped it down to the mid-80s in a hurry. The peak temperature was reached west of Blythe at 115. Right around the Chuckwalla Road remnant of old US60/70, which I was sorely tempted to drive, heat or no heat. Alas, I was in a hurry to get home and the siren song of steady 75mph motoring was too strong.
  13. Thank you for your response. The page was "Wonderland Way". I retried sending it just now and it worked perfectly.
  14. Hello? Anyone there?
  15. Tried multiple times to send a thread as email. "Captcha" timed out every time.