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  1. Ah my young friend….figural bottles must be bottles that are in the shape of figures….most probably female humans, but also deer, dogs, cats, and other figures. My wife did small sculptures in plastic clay and called them figural art so I am an authority!!! I imagine business may have been a bit slow. Don’t all motels still have open parking garages between the rooms….when did that design go away? Time flies….but when I was a kid, that was the basic design. Early era....Indeed!! Who conducted the survey to determine 1 in 7 passing cars was on illegal business? It must have been a doctoral study based on survey forms filled out at local bars…..I love it. Aside from my snark, great photos and terrific dialog. This is the stuff of real road tripping!! Great stuff. Dave Keep the Show on the Road!!
  2. Keep the Show on the Road!

    Trains, Stamps, & Road Trips

    Impressive! I don't personally know anyone else who got a photo on a stamp, but this kind of puts you up there with George Washington!! Dave
  3. Rick, Brings to mind a couple of lines from a favorite song: But there's nothing so lonesome, so morbid or drear Than to stand in a bar, of a pub with no beer Great image and story. I believe many women don't fully appreciate sagebrush, old buildings, and remote roads.....but then I may be wrong. John and Alice Ridge of Yellowstone Trail fame seem to share a common love of the old road. And while I have not actually asked Becky, she might be another. My wife is not a member of the club, but she is willing to let me rave on. Keep the Show on the Road! Dave
  4. Rick, I have been inattentive to my disadvantage! Your photos and description are superb! A place I didn’t know existed! Of course 1975 is practically yesterday when viewed from my chronologically advanced years, but the photos and story are pure gold. The days when I reasonably expected to visit these places are past, so I depend on younger eyes and pens keyboards to tell the stories for me and others to enjoy!! Thanks! Great job! Now when is the book? Dave Keep the Show on the Road
  5. This is like a feast of recollection and reflection, with a big dose of fine writing. I recall that motel….it was probably 10- 15 years ago and Sheila and I were following the Pony Express route. We didn’t stop. The post below gives a bit of the history of the motel. It still had cars in front based on the 1999 Google Earth image. You could have owned a piece of Nevada history, a motel, and RV park for just $225,000. Guess no one wanted to!! http://www.exploreforums.com/topic/3150-schellbourne-station-motel-rv-park/ Dave Keep the Show on the Road
  6. Keep the Show on the Road!

    New touring vehicle

    Hutch, Sometimes we buy vehicles to comfort ourselves, or our egos. But the best buys are those that expand our horizons, and enable us to do things we would not, or could not, do before. Your Big Red is a good example of the latter. Congratulations! Eastern Oregon where I believe you live has terrific places to go, and a little early snowfall can really add to the beauty. You don’t need this advice, but I learned the hard way that a capable 4 wheel rig can also get you into big trouble if you are inclined to off road solo in the winter. So have a great time, and keep us up to date on your adventures. Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  7. Keep the Show on the Road!

    Amargosa Hotel and Opera House, Death Valley Jct. CA

    Becky, Great to see you chime in! We all appreciate your enormous contribution to the joys of traveling the American Road! Dave
  8. Keep the Show on the Road!

    New touring vehicle

    Hutch, OH THE JOY!! I recall my days with my Toyota Land Cruiser. Of course it more often than not got me into places I had no business going with a wife and 2 year old. But truthfully, your photos practically brought tears to an old man's eyes. I wish you many more happy trails ahead!!! Dave Keep the Show on the Road!!
  9. Keep the Show on the Road!

    Amargosa Hotel and Opera House, Death Valley Jct. CA

    MGA707, I looked through the archives and found these photos from 2007, 11 years ago. I put them into a panoramas where that helps. I remember reading about the woman who danced there, Marta Becket. I think there was one of her performances the day we passed by. A lost opportunity!!! She was a spry 82 in 2007, and passed away at 92 last year. Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  10. Keep the Show on the Road!

    Amargosa Hotel and Opera House, Death Valley Jct. CA

    MGA707, Love it!!! And great photos, I recall stopping (not staying) there maybe 10-15 years ago. Maybe I have some images in the “archives.” I think the woman was still putting on her one woman shows. What a shame we didn’t stay, but maybe it was not even open. But the place is unmistakable. Are the peacocks still around? Dave
  11. Rick, I regret not reading your post sooner. Even we old guys can get busy!! What an absolute joy to hear from her. That is a very rare treasure we roadies get, perhaps just a few times in our lives. But it is the golden prize. I hope Becky picks up on this. It is truly brings history alive. Dave Hutchman, Terrific!! It is so good to see your great materiel. And I do remember the motel. Family limitations are keeping me home a lot more than I like so seeing the photos from you and Rick keep the juices flowing. Dave
  12. Keep the Show on the Road!

    Us 40 Old Alignment Rediscovered Over Golconda Summit

    Rick, A sad story indeed! I feel your pain. But not in my wallet!!! Great photo! Dave
  13. Rick, I recall the station well! And I appreciate your modern photograph! Is the adjacent house still standing? Circumstances (primarily my wife's health) are curtailing my long distance road trips these days, but your posts are a valued substitute!! And my advice to anyone reading this is to visit these places as Rick says, while they are still there, and you have the opportunity. I am really glad I did!! Dave Keep the Show on the Road
  14. Keep the Show on the Road!

    New touring vehicle

    Hutch, A sweet new ride!! No other vehicle has retained it’s characteristic design for so many years. Sorry about the back…..that can be an awful barrier to just about every activity….but the new Jeep is an incentive to mend as quickly as possible! Dave
  15. Rick, I have followed the Oregon Trail in that general area….years ago. The Trail forded the John Day River at McDonalds (25 miles northeast of Grass Valley) and as I recall the pioneer auto road went from Wasco to Klondike, then across the John Day there also. Klondike had an abandoned general store when I visited, but it is one of those roadside artifacts that are gone. But there may still be a brick schoolhouse at Klondike. Google Earth will get you oriented to these sites. South of Grass Valley is an abandoned service station worth visiting at Kent. In fact Kent is definitely worth a stop for old buildings. Dave