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  1. Hi Les, I verified with some members of our editorial team that the R in a circle likely stood for Right turn.
  2. Oh my goodness, for some reason, I just now saw this. Probably because I was pregnant at the time of this message. Then had a baby, make that two, then a pandemic hit. :-0 If this is still of interest, we can certainly create some other sections in the forum to foster micro-excursionist discussion. Feel free to message me directly if there's a specific request for the Forum. I am having trouble keeping up with everyone (especially the kids!)!
  3. Great to see you both here! Dave, where's that post card? And, Cort, looking forward to the tribute. 🙂
  4. Enter the AMERICAN ROAD "Pet Places" Photo Contest for a chance to win $500. Show off your images of places (e.g. attractions, monuments, geographical features, motels, diners, etc.) that honor the bond between human and hound or feline. https://form.jotform.com/212230957528962 Enter before midnight on August 20.
  5. Hi everyone. II hope you are doing well. apologize for being MIA. We've been dealing with flooding and short staffing due to Covid issues, etc. I was just taking a quick peek on the Forum and saw this string. Dave, I apologize for not responding to your message: Here are a couple of ideas. Any preferences? I have a stack of Ford Times magazine from the late 40’s. This was the peak of post WWII road travel, when we could again get on the road. I could probably pull something together from them. We took a road trip a few weeks ago to a fishing port on the Washington coast….boats, lighthouse, etc. As you know I have tons of road maps, Automobile Blue Books, Hobbs Grade and Surface Guide, from 100 years ago, etc etc. I can always do a piece on something about almost anywhere in America in 1917 or 1920. I am probably the “world expert” on the National Parks Highway, and no slouch on the Yellowstone Trail and the Yellowstone Highway. Anyway, that is just a sample. If something might sync with upcoming issues, I’d give it a try as well. Truthfully Dave, I would be interested in any and all of the subjects. But I'd like to hear what everyone else wants to read about. Preferences anyone?
  6. Calling all photographers! AMERICAN ROAD’s “Pet Places—the Ultimate Furry Friend Road Trip Photo Contest and Giveaway” is underway! Our upcoming Winter issue explores everything fur-baby: from canine programmatic architecture and giant feline sculptures to an interview with Cesar Millan discussing traveling with pets. AMERICAN ROAD's 2021 "Pet Places—Ultimate Furry Friend Road Trip Giveaway" Photography Contest celebrates where our passion for travel and pets meet - send us photographs of your favorite pet-friendly motel, a shrine to a special pooch, or a snapshot of your favorite furry road trip companion. Winning images will be announced and published in the Winter issue. We are also proud to partner with Revefly on this contest and giveaway to raise money for Animal Haven, a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue. Let the photo snapping commence! Enter the giveaway, then it will provide an opportunity to upload an image for the photo contest. https://www.revelfly.com/ultimate-furry-friend-road-trip...
  7. Good to hear from all of you. Maybe this pandemic can prompt us to exchange more information about our past and future road trips on the Forum again. The short one and two sentence posts on Facebook and Twitter just aren't very fulfilling.
  8. Welcome Bill & Tina Ouellette! Looking forward to hearing about your future travels.
  9. We hope everyone is enjoying our sci-fi themed Summer 2019 issue of American Road. We'd love to hear about your favorite sci-fi movie that involves a road trip. Don't forget to tell us why it's at the top of your list, too!
  10. Cort, Congrats on your show! Dave, please do share the details of your trip on old auto and stagecoach roads in Oregon. Fun! Best, Becky
  11. Thanks for sharing! These photos bring back memories. I remember staying there and seeing a show. This was, I think, in 2001. The painted rooms and the opera house are amazing.
  12. Hope things are going ok Cort. Did you have an opportunity to take a road trip?
  13. Hi Michael, Thanks for sharing this news. (Sorry I'm a little late responding, the last few months have been hectic.) Nice site. Congratulations. We'll post a link on our Resources page to it. Keep up the great work!
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