Memory Motel

Memory Motel made its debut as a regular American Road department in the Volume I, Number 2, issue of the magazine. The first featured classic overnight stop was the Lazy S Arrow Motel of Whitewater, Colorado—a US Highway 50 gem built in the shape of an old western fort that stands along the Centennial State’s stretch of “America’s Loneliest Road.”

Memory Motel has since visited fifty-five motels—from the Bear Paw Court of Chinook, Montana, to the Indianhead Motel of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin; the Auld Holland Inn of Oak Harbor, Washington; and the Jolly Roger Motel of Wildwood Crest, New Jersey. Most of the classic sleepers that have been featured over the years remain in business, filling the nights with bright lights—and vacations with the best in mom-and-pop hospitality.

Magic Beach Motel—St. Augustine, Florida

Here, amazed eyes behold a trick with light that is hard to top: a white neon rabbit leaping out of a blue neon magician’s hat. The surprising sight appears on[…]

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Hawaii Volcano House Hotel—Volcano, Hawaii

The only hotel inside Volcanoes National Park, where active lava flows are adding between   fifteen and twenty acres a year to the Big Island of Hawaii. Overlooking the giant caldera[…]

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Oceana Beach Club Hotel—Santa Monica, California

The parade of comedians who made their pilgrimage to the Oceana Apartments reads like a chuckling Who’s Who: Jerry Lewis. Marcel Marceau. Dick Van Dyke. All aspired to give the[…]

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Aztec Motel—Wildwood Crest, New Jersey

The Aztec was opened in 1960 by Maria J. Martinis. Originally, the façade of the motel hardly reflected any of the ideas, themes, or designs of the Aztec people. But[…]

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Flamingo Hotel—Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

In 2004 Art and Shelley Williams took the Flamingo Motel under their wing. “You could say it was clean but worn,” says Art. “It had a good reputation, and that’s[…]

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