Memory Motel

Memory Motel made its debut as a regular American Road department in the Volume I, Number 2, issue of the magazine. The first featured classic overnight stop was the Lazy S Arrow Motel of Whitewater, Colorado—a US Highway 50 gem built in the shape of an old western fort that stands along the Centennial State’s stretch of “America’s Loneliest Road.”

Memory Motel has since visited fifty-five motels—from the Bear Paw Court of Chinook, Montana, to the Indianhead Motel of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin; the Auld Holland Inn of Oak Harbor, Washington; and the Jolly Roger Motel of Wildwood Crest, New Jersey. Most of the classic sleepers that have been featured over the years remain in business, filling the nights with bright lights—and vacations with the best in mom-and-pop hospitality.

Grand Canyon Caverns Suite—Peach Springs, Arizona

True, you’ll feel like Fred Flintstone when you first open your eyes in the Grand Canyon Caverns Cave Suite—and  find your seventy-foot ceiling roofed with rock some sixty-five million years[…]

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Palms Retro Motel—Atlantic Beach, Florida

In a large, painted wall mural, a bright classic wagon with wood panels—affectionately called a “woody”— carries surfboards beneath towering palm trees. The room’s décor, including a retro radio, completes[…]

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Rabbit Ears Motel—Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Maybe Alice’s White Rabbit did take a sabbatical after the adventures of the book. And if he did, we imagine he might have scampered straight toward the Rabbit Ears Motel[…]

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The Mermaid Lodge & Motel—Ainsworth Hot Springs, British Columbia

From its hillside vantage deep in the Canadian Rockies, the Mermaid overlooks a landscape rich in rugged beauty and history. Long before the lure of gold drew prospectors from the[…]

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Marcotte’s Family Motel—Elizabeth, Illinois

A discreet knock on the door lets you know that a cheery little tray waits outside emblazoned with a colorful chicken. It’s filled with a bright red coffeepot, cinnamon muffins,[…]

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