Li’l Abner’s Motel—Slade, Kentucky

Li’l Abner’s Motel was constructed as a traditional motor court, modeled after its predecessor and year-round parent, the Abner Motel, in nearby Stanton.  at older roadside rest for the weary was built by father Harding D. Abner in 1955 to accommodate visitors to the area’s scenic Red River Gorge.

Harding’s son, Billy D, grew up tending to the motel. In 1969, he decided to strike out on his own. He opened Li’l Abner’s Motel near the entrance to Natural Bridge State Resort. At the time of its opening, Li’l Abner’s boasted twelve rooms and a restaurant. In 1975, more rooms and a pool were added, and in 2010, ten two-room suites were built—including one with ADA handicap facilities—and a house with three beds and two baths was constructed to accommodate the growing number of outdoor enthusiasts who can’t get enough of this country.