Magic Beach Motel—St. Augustine, Florida

Here, amazed eyes behold a trick with light that is hard to top: a white neon rabbit leaping out of a blue neon magician’s hat. The surprising sight appears on the marquee of the Magic Beach Motel, and it’s hardly the only wonder in the property’s repertoire.

Built during the 1950s—and opened as the Vilano Beach Motel…Hollywood film scouts spied it in the late 1990s. A little abracadabra mixed with the talent of set designers…the Vilano Beach Motel was transformed into the Magic Beach Motel to serve as a filming location fort he Warner Brothers television series Safe Harbor.

Today’s travelers find the exterior of the Magic Beach Motel still decorated with pastel paint, pink flamingos, and that enchanting neon sign. Inside, guests discover 1950s décor and restored wall murals. These works of art survived multiple owners and add extra charm to a stay at the Magic Beach Motel.