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  1. Jim, Good to see you post! I spotted the road. For others who would like the coordinates they are 39.339247, -87.860487. It looks like maybe they wanted to change where there was a grade crossing into town, but that is only a wild first impression. Am I seeing another segment a little to the west? Maybe I can spot some clues, but you are a better a detective than I am!! Are you stumped, or hoping someone has a quick and easy answer? Hope all goes well with you! Dave Keep the Show on the Road
  2. Denny, Looks like a must read!! I think I will contact you directly for the autographed version....first editions signed by famous authors can only appreciate! Dave keep the Show on the Road!
  3. Becky, Thanks for the good wishes, and we will try to do our part and get in those road trips!! Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  4. Pat, Thanks for the good wishes and the terrific job you do each year, and this one as always, making this a great site!! Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  5. I want to wish one and all a great Christmas! And I want to recommend Denny's Christmas road trip report as well http://www.dennygibson.com/cer2013/day01/ Dave Keep the Show on the Road
  6. Dave, I dug deeper into your photo trove this morning, and I have to say, you are not helping my US road trip planning! Sheila and I have enjoyed the UK and Ireland a few times, but that was many years ago. You are definitely making me think we need another visit. I dread the awful air trip and the jet lag (and I almost had a head on driving on the right) , but that pales in comparison to spending a few weeks exploring. Years ago I took 6 weeks and toured on a bike....but I fear those days are past. None the less, I think we might do the isles again, and you are helping that along! Oh, I must add again that the photos are excellent!! Dave
  7. Dave, Some very nice photos, and a few areas I recognize from past visits to England. Sure makes me think another visit would be a good idea! Thanks for sharing. Dave
  8. Rick, As always, your photography is spectacular. Looking at your blog is a real treat for the eyes, and the mind. The Oregon Coast is one of our favorite places and I see you are enjoying it as well. We get down as far as Florence fairly often (maybe two or three times a year). That coastal area actually has pretty nice weather in the winter, with lots of variety and drama....and some amazing wild life. Few aircraft though! We always enjoy your posts!! Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  9. Thanks for the good wishes, and right back at you!! And I am happy to donate. Thanks for your efforts! Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  10. Winston, Brilliant, great, fantastic, terrific....and any other positive exclamation! How wonderful to see your map and comments!! Now I will have hours of study and fun savoring every morsel of your great information. My wife and I have been discussing if we want to escape the overcast of the Northwest for a sunshine vacation this winter, and you may have provided another reason! Berwyn Andrus,, Dolph's son, lives in the Salt Lake area and I will send him an email about your post. Thanks so much and don't be a stranger!! Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  11. Terrific photo of that old distributor!! It looks like it has taken a few spins! I bet most youngins don't even know why there is a piece of fiber stuffed in the middle of the shaft. And BTW, it looks like yours might be dry. The cam follower on many cars (perhaps all) was made of a plastic sort of like fiberglass, as I recall. The rotation, as you note, wore them down and changed the point gap over time. I think that is just repeating what you said. Beyond the points needing to be filed or replaced, the rotor where it contacted the contacts on the rotor cap wore down, and burned. The combination of burned points, rotor, and rotor cap contacts reduced performance, and made the car harder to start. If the cable connection between the rotor cap and coil corroded as well, the spark from the coil through the distributor to the spark plugs was seriously degraded. All of which you know or the Mercedes would not be running! But I thought for a moment how much easier it was for a kid to tune up a 1958 MGA (my one time car) or a 1960 Mercedes, than any modern rig. I really enjoyed the photo!! Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  12. Kip, That was one fine work up of the whole trip! Kudos! I enjoyed the Kodak moments, and just about every slide and description. It held my interest throughout....no small achievement! Even though I don't know Blues, i can certainly see and almost feel the attraction. I even tried the radio site. Nice work!! Highly recommended to everyone! Dave
  13. Tom, You were certainly a bit gutsy to do the trip at the time of year you did! And of course, you got a reminder or two! My Aunt and Uncle had a Mercedes that looked a lot like yours. I visited my cousin in 2001 and there it was, parked in the garage, and still running. They must have been built tough. Your distributor story struck a note. I worked in a service station when I was a kid, and changed a lot of points and rotors over the years....or filed the points and rotor / distributor contacts. Not something a modern mechanic does much! Dave
  14. Tom, Mac and Phyllis would be proud!! Bet they are smiling! Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  15. Denny, Good intentions, anyway. Thanks for the effort! Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  16. Denny, Good man! We needed a scout at the ready, and you appeared! But we hate to take you away from those batteries! Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  17. Denny, Thanks for the item. And Jim's point seems very well taken. I'm glad you guys are keeping an eye on the Midwest! I want some good stuff left if I ever get there!! Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  18. Jim, Fantastic! Hard to believe!! Are you going to take a look in person? Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  19. Tom, Your trip is obviously turning out great. I enjoy the combination of the “travel log” and personal....like a road trip should be! Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  20. Tom, I'm enjoying the photos and descriptions. Remind us every so often, and keep 'em coming! Dave
  21. Dale, Thanks for the update. I'm glad he was arrested. I keep trying to figure out why someone would have the time to plan that kind of act, and still think it was a good idea. Apparent he wasn't drunk, or high all that time. And he had the mental capacity to select a saw and complete a purchase transaction without a caretaker to help him. So what does a guy like that think? Was he barefoot? Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  22. Etch, Thanks for the visit to Dublin....Ohio. I enjoyed the photos, especially the one with you at the "controls!!' And now I know more about Dublin than I ever dreamed I would ! Oh, I enjoyed the service station shot as well! Those were the days! Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  23. Yes, a sad story, repeated hundreds, perhaps thousands of times across the land. I know of a few nearby. I have wondered if digital projectors cost only $60,000, why the movie producing companies don't spring for at least a few, given that some of their films net millions. Ah, to dream. But thanks for the info! Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
  24. Mike, Jeff got around ! It doesn't look like great weather, but what is that countryside like. I've never been even close. Small towns, big trees, roadside relics, what is it like? Just curious. Dave Keep the Show on the Road!
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