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Trek To The King Biscuit Blues Festival

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On October 11, Quinn and I made our annual trek to the King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, AR. Traveling there requires an intimate connection with US highways 61 and 49, particularly US 61, which will--aside from a few miles here and there, take you through the Delta in Missouri, Arkansas and Mississippi. It is 4 lane in Mississippi but you can still take the vast amount of the original alignment all the way to Clarksdale. Here is a link to THIS years trek...push the link (or copy and paste onto your browser), then click on "pictures and videos" then clik on the blues festival batch. A great reason for a blues highway column if there ever was one!




Enjoy! SGF, Kip

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Very nice--I've driven 61 down from Memphis to Clarksdale (to visit the Delta Blues Museum and Morgan Freeman's restaurant/juke joint across the street) but stayed on the 4-lane alignment. Also did go off on 49 just to cross the Mississippi on the bridge, but did not go into Helena/West Helena proper.

Such an obviously poor area but I never met such uniformly friendly people anywhere in the USA.

Enjoyed your pictures!

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That was one fine work up of the whole trip! Kudos! I enjoyed the Kodak moments, and just about every slide and description. It held my interest throughout....no small achievement!


Even though I don't know Blues, i can certainly see and almost feel the attraction. I even tried the radio site. Nice work!! Highly recommended to everyone!



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