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"warning Points"?!


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OK, I'm warning you!! 3 Points...


Joke! I have no idea what they are. How about "demerits." When I was a cub scout we got "demerits," and I think they went either "into your file," or onto your "permanent record."


Or worse yet maybe they are like points on your driver's license or auto insurance. You get so many forum warning points and up go your rates, or you have to renew your driver's license every 6 months.


I know for sure I don't went any of them there warning points!!




Keep the Show on the Road!

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Hey, I thought I was the only one with them.


Actually, I believe everyone sees their own but not others'. I can't say whether or not the warning system is actually being used. That's a question for the admins. If it is not being used, it can be disabled. Apparently there is no way to have the system enabled and hide the counts although there are some discussions on the web suggesting that. The current arrangement prevents it being used for Double Secret Probation.

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Hi Everyone. The Bremers along with our moderators, especially Denny, do a good job at monitoring the forum for potential spam. So unless anyone thinks the 'warning points' would be useful, we'll try to figure out how to deactivate them. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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