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Ohio Lincoln Highway Buy-way

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This just in from Mike Hocker, of the Ohio Lincoln Highway Historic Byway:


(Ohio) — From a meager beginning of 250 yard sales the first year, to

over 750 last year...and over a staggering 1,000 individual pull-off

yard sale events this (fifth) year, many people we talked to shared

the same ideas, Ohio Lincoln Highway Historic Byway Director Mike

Hocker commented, " that this was the biggest and best yard sale yet,

or that this year's opening day, Thursday, was the biggest

Thursday--or even the biggest day--ever.


Almost everyone said sales were up, traffic was up, and the money was

up! Many people also commented observations like "the BUY-WAY Yard

Sale this year turned a corner," "jumped an octave in energy," or

"created a new sense of community."


While some communities actually rested somewhat this year with a

lesser population of sales, many others were more populated. Small

communities like Leesville, Gomer, Oceola and Robertsville were almost

wall-to-wall yard sales. Many included the wonderful aroma of hot dogs

and sausages on the grill, and many had coolers of bottled

water...many free for the asking. There are 39 communities across

Ohio's portion of the Lincoln Highway.


This year's BUY-WAY poster child was Van Wert. They have both the

Route 127 sale AND the Lincoln Highway sale in town for three days.

And, it was they, themselves, who extended the invitation to the Rt.

127 folks (who had never even thought of extending their yard sale

that far north before), and added fairgrounds activities--flea

markets, a rib cook-off, a free concert, a cruise-in, a car show, a

tractor drive, making for full hotels, happily "slammed" restaurants,

busy gas stations and other retails, over 300 yard sales (many as big

as 30 vendors in one stop), and called it a CROSSROADS Festival.


Other towns hosted village-wide sales, so a person could actually

spend the day driving around town shopping. Ada, and Upper Sandusky

were examples of this.


"I think this event is now running on its own juice. Now let us see if

indiana, Illinois, Iowa and other Lincoln Highway states grab on to

the branded name "BUY-WAY" and keep it going across America next

year," said Hocker.


Next year's dates will be determined and announced at the end of the

month. For more information, go to:www.historicbyway.com.



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