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  1. Nice pictures. Glad you made it back. A casual observer might think Tippet's ranch is being overrun by ARM forum members. Cleveland G just posted pictures of the ranch on his blog.
  2. Applause to KtSonR for the photos and even louder applause to Hailey for a very nice job on the arch.
  3. Nice reporting and great pictures. "...never saw as much as a match flame." yet everything in view was affected.
  4. So that's what you've been up to. I certainly recall the invitation when I was on the west coast last year and am sure glad you got out there. Hope you weren't really waiting. Looking forward to details, photos, and wild tales. Sorry about the Hilltop but perhaps your graduation was more of a financial hit to them then you realized. You can hardly expect a place to survive if their former regulars don't at least stop in every decade or so. Thanks for introducing me to a new word. Yes, I should have known what Warrenite was but didn't. I don't expect much luck in using it in conversation today but will report any successes here.
  5. Happy Birthday, Alex! I saw Alex a couple of weeks ago and am certain he's going to be voting for quite awhile.
  6. I don't really know one way or the other but I imagine it's possible that the PPOO used Rs and Ls on their signs. Apparently the Yellowstone Trail did. Welcome to the forum and good luck on getting the station. We'd love to hear about it and your plans for it. Maybe you can start off a new topic about the station.
  7. You gave me enough clues to figure it out but I had to go to the EZ66 Guide to get the well story. So, the answer you patiently guided me to, is Essex, CA, and the significance of the well is that it was established by the Automobile Club of Southern California for free use by motorists. I haven't found a date for it, though.
  8. Finally made it through the pictures. Excellent! What method do you use for geotagging? Regarding GPS coordinates for attractions, some fairly good sets are becoming available commercially. I've used the one published by Spot-It-Out and been fairly happy. I doubt any set is 100% complete or contains everything you're personally interested in but they can save a lot of typing.
  9. Dang! How did I miss you in Victorville? Or did I meet you and forget or meet you and not connect you with "black85vette"?
  10. Happy (just slightly belated) Birthday, Foster.
  11. Strangely enough, El Graces had entered my mind yesterday because of the fence & palm trees but it was just a passing thought. Sadly, I know nothing about a well in Needles.
  12. I saw the title and though this should be easy. Turn's out I have no clue.
  13. Dave, it was your picture of the lobby that got me wanting to stay at the Gadsden in the first place. Guess I somehow missed the elevator. I did show my room and mention the pachinco machine. The room was pretty much what you'd expect in an old hotel only warmer. They do have some sort of central AC but the 100+ temps are a bit much for it. I glanced at the coffee shop but took no pictures. I ate in the restaurant and drank in the bar but got no pictures of them either though both were pleasant enough. The meal wasn't bad but neither was it particularly good. It was intentionally left out of the journal.
  14. I've driven through Endee before and probably should have this time. That is not, however, the only decision I can't explain or justify.
  15. Glad you're doing better. Th monument looks good. Looks like it's in the park with George's cabin and not in the island where the other marker is/was. True?
  16. Good advice from Queenodesign. The EZ 66 Guide she mentioned is top notch. There is some good route information online here and here. I'm still in the process of getting home from my own 66 trip so am a little hurried. I will revisit this when I get home.
  17. I recently completed my third end-to-end Route 66 drive and even more recently got the journal for it up to date. The reason/excuse for the trip was the festival in Victorville. http://www.dennygibson.com/rt66in12/
  18. I stayed at Lane's a few years ago and really liked it.
  19. He's getting a little closer to Dave and me -- as a percentage. Happy Birthday.
  20. I'm guessing that you've researched the Natchez Trace Parkway a bit and know what's there. You've already targeted the one thing I think of as a "must stop" and that's the Merriwether Lewis Monument. It's not a big thing but is exactly what I think a monument should be, simple, thoughtful, and sincere. In my opinion, hanging around it for a few minutes is good for the mind and soul. Beyond that I can only think of some "might wannas" depending on your interests. If you like really old American history, there's a fairly nice mound site at Wickliffe, KY, and there's a cool car museum in Tupelo that seems to pretty much get Elvised over. If you do get to Nutbush (Gotta do that myself someday.), you might consider going on to Brownsville for a look at Billy Tripp's Mind Field. Of course, if you do that, you'll have to decide whether to return to US-51 or head on to Memphis on US-70. Actually, there is a place about a mile from the end of the Trace that I might call a "must stop" unless you don't like eating. That's the Loveless Cafe. At Hopkinsville, KY, you'll be about ten miles from the impressive Jeff Davis monument. Are you spending any time in Nashville? Got your Memphis time planned? Are you a really big Everly Brothers or John Prine fan?
  21. Your photos always impress and I don't know why I was not subscribed to your blog. I have now corrected that. The videos combine stills, motion, and sound better than any I can recall seeing. You and, I suspect, your son are evidence of why making a living doing something you truly enjoy is one of the keys to happiness and also one of the keys to quality. The videos seem like examples of what can happen when talented professionals have fun. Your SD/66 comparison is also excellent. I actually feel that there are attractions at the side of virtually every road and that just about any road can be an interesting drive. All that means is that I wasn't at all surprised by the number of SD attractions you identified. Of course, driving Route 66 is the most popular and best known road trip in the world and the one that all others are compared to by most people. Helping them (and South Dakota) out a little is a good thing.
  22. I noted your radiator problems via the Route 66 Yahoo group but didn't realize that BlueRidgeMike was one half of Mike & Sharon. Didn't realize there was a blog, either. Guess I wasn't paying sufficient attention. I just now scrolled through it and can see you had a good time. Having a new Texas radiator for a souvenir is pretty cool but I think I'll stick to key chains.
  23. No insult intended. In fact, I think it looks good. But I did have the impression of earmuffs when I first saw the picture and didn't yet recognize you or realize that the mane was behind the ears. My own mane just keeps getting thinner and shorter. Now that Grey kid; That's a different story. It sounds like you and Mark both contributed to the exploration and had a good time to boot.
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