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  1. Wow! is a good description. A most impressive accomplishment.
  2. The inability to comment is even more frustrating now. It seems that yesterday Mark was traveling with a mysterious stranger who answers to the name of Dave and who may or may not be wearing earmuffs.
  3. I've stayed in all three and all three are quite different. Though it isn't often mentioned, the one in Kentucky is on the Dixie Highway.
  4. I'm guessing that many forum members know that funding cuts have forced the closing of the America's Byways Resource Center. The final newsletter has just been published and, while it's a long way from rosy, it's not quite 100% gloom and doom. http://bywaysresourcecenter.org/resources/publications/vistas/2012/june2012/
  5. I've been following Mark's blog and truly enjoying it. I'd like to give him a little feedback, if only to let him know it's being read and appreciated, but it doesn't appear as if the blog supports comments. If that is intentional, then maybe you can pass along my attaboy. It's possible, however, that blocking comments is not intentional and that should also be passed along.
  6. That's most definitely an unrefusable offer. This Rob guy is obviously a pretty cool fellow. I won't make it to Johnson City and I know you won't have control of route or schedule but... The route DeLorme showed me goes through Louisville and it's not unthinkable that you might opt for I-74+I-75 through Cincy instead of I-65+I-64 through Louisville. It's also not unthinkable that I could touch either of those routes. (Louisville is <100 mi from here.) Thoughts?
  7. You can never have too many birthdays. Hope you celebrated with some bike time.
  8. Yep, looks like that Reese kid's trying to catch up with us. Hope it was a truly fun day.
  9. Do note my description of the Valiant as a "30 foot car". It is doing its job admirably, however. Also note that I was not the first old guy on this forum to buy a slightly used red Mopar convertible. Regarding the demise of push button transmissions, I believe it was tied up with standardization in government and rental company fleet purchases. I even recall reading some details on the internet. The truth is out there.
  10. Happy Birthday Pat and thanks for your efforts. KtSotR is right about keeping the forum safe. I sometimes come here in the middle of the night, only partly dressed and far from alert and I've never ever felt the least bit in danger.
  11. Well, that triple feature didn't start off so good but using the word "sprawlburbia" certainly headed off any claims of misrepresentation. The other two clips were quite nice. I'll admit that I sort of expected the Dandy Trail of today to average four or more lanes and have more McDonald's than trees. Much of it really looks pretty scenic. SoundHound did include Grisman in its ID but I couldn't remember that when I posted so just went with Jerry. But you did manage to stump the 'Hound with the second of today's reels. He correctly (I hope) got Paul Simon & Robin Trower for the first and third reels. Only because it came came to me for absolutely no valid or even detectable reason, I'm going to toss out the name Leon Russel for reel #2. SoundHound is pretty impressive. I know it could pull off some serious cheating at some of the live trivia nights I've been to.
  12. I have no idea if any of the Jackson Browne vagrancy story is true but some reports claim it happened in Flagstaff but that he or Frey or somebody else thought Winslow sounded better. If true, it means that it's by sheer luck that there isn't some shop in Flagstaff selling lots of T-shirts and playing the same song over and over again.
  13. I recall following Mark's 2011 trip and I'm now hooked up to follow this one via RSS. I just have several days of catching up to do.
  14. I failed to keep up with this thread in real-time but have now caught up by watching a triple feature. The Dandy Trail really does look inviting. Especially the part shown in the second reel. Regarding reel #3, I didn't realize there was that much of the Central Canal still around. I was only aware of what I thought was small piece at the White River Park at US-40. On a map it looks like quite a bit remains. As a bonus, the background music provided a test for the SoundHound app on my phone. Jerry Garcia, The Real Tuesday Weld, & Artie Shaw?
  15. Welcome, James. The Appreciation Society has acquired a good fellow as its latest member.
  16. At some point the April date stopped looking good so things got moved to June. The full time Wed-Sun schedule starts on the 23rd. Previews were held on Friday and Saturday and my take on them is here.
  17. Excellent pictures and some darned good words, too.
  18. Welcome, mrcap. I think you may have stumped the "panel" with that one. DeLorme Street Atlas supports Canada and Mexico although I have no experience with it in Mexico and very little in Canada. DeLorme does offer products for Europe and Asia and Streets & Trips may also. Garmin offers a large range of maps which may cover the areas you're looking at and I'm guessing that many if not all would be available for routing using their BaseCamp software. The few world travelers I've any knowledge of seem to use Google for presentation, which is usually at a fairly high level, and some of everything, including a lot of paper maps, for planning. I suspect that, even if you find a single software product that covers the entire required area, it will have some limit on length or number of waypoints or something. That means breaking it into a series of legs but that's probably a good idea anyway.
  19. Got a replacement? I'd still like to connect.
  20. Nice pictures. I knew if I waited long enough, someone would get that stretch of the Dixie figured out before I got there. I have, of course, driven US-136 between Indianapolis and Crawfordsville but it's typically been just to get from point I to point C with no exploring. I have driven the DH between Covington and Crawfordsville but only because it shared a path with the PP-OO. In fact I have a photo of that bridge near Veederburg and can prove that the big dent predates Oct 1, 2007. I'm looking forward to driving that brick bit someday. Jim & Chris, I definitely hope you two get the Sugar Creek thing sorted so I don't have to just wander around aimlessly when I try tracing the DH through there.
  21. Welcome, Arnold. You've definitely identified a cool road. I've only driven the whole thing (along with Skyline Drive) once but I've managed short sections a few other times.
  22. As hard as it is to believe , there is always the possibility that DeLorme is just wrong. Some errors can be overcome by adding "routable road" in the Draw layer but not all. Another possibility is that you had a via in the "wrong" lane. The via looks like it's right in the middle of the road but zooming in reveals a divided highway with the via in or nearer the incorrect lane. I've done that plenty of times and the out-of-sequence thing too. I took a look at the area you're talking about and immediately recognized exit 77 although I don't think I've ever used exit 80. You probably know the attractions better than I do but I'll still mention Desert View Tower and Boulder Park. Both very cool and worthwhile. Do you happen to have Jeff Jensen's Drive the Broadway of America? It's available here. Eric J. Finley's Old US 80 guide is also pretty good but it's out of print. Amazon does show some used copies. One is in "acceptable" condition for $9 while the others are in better condition with unacceptable prices.
  23. The only thing I can think of is that stops or waypoints are out of sequence. Under "Route-Advanced-Route Prefs" make sure "Display Route Vias" and "Display Waypoint Labels" are both checked. Then examine the route to see if all waypoints are numbered in the sequence you intended. If not, they can be moved into the desired sequence under "Route-Advanced". If waypoint sequence is correct and the problem remains, I'd be happy to take a look at your route on the chance that I see something. Just email the "anr" file to denny (at) dennygibson (dot) com with any hints, clues, and details you think appropriate.
  24. Good to hear you might be getting back on the road for a bit. Versailles is close enough to Cincinnati (and even closer to frequently visited Greenville) that I should be able to get there for a hello. Maybe drag you to Greenville for a Maid-Rite or two. A brief look at the map made me wonder if you might be able to work in a little Historic Michigan Road. I'm pretty sure that it has recently received Scenic Byway status although I couldn't find that on the website. (Are you a little behind, Jim?:-) I also thought of the National Road/US-40 but that's probably too far south.
  25. I imagine that many who might see this have already seen a note somewhere else but a little more word spreading seemed reasonable. Four Women On The Route is about the only Route 66 attraction in Galena and one of the few in Kansas. Cash has always been tight for them but some equipment damage over the winter makes it tougher and threatens their opening for the season. Donations are being accepted through PayPal using the address gibill@sbcglobal.net Send any questions you might have to Melba at that address and I'm sure she'll answer you with all the details you could ever want
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