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  1. I am going to go to America, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia. Maybe I visit North Africa and Japan, not sure about those. I just afraid that it might be easier that I just use several different sites/programs for planning (of course it would be lovely if there would be one program/site that would cover my needs, but I afraid that there isn't). Unfortunately I have noticed that road tripping isn't so popular outside America so there isn't really a cool communities or cool softwares outside America (at least not so good ones).
  2. I am trying to plan extremely long road trip and just wondering what would be best program/website to do it. I have tested several ways to planning road: Google maps: +It is world wide and I can easily plan route via roads. -there are too few checkpoints that I can add to one road. I can only plan about 1000 - 3000 mile long routes. Community walk: +I can plan very long route with this site. -Roads are only images on this site, so route doesn't follow them. If you are going to fly your route, this is probably best site for it. Microsoft route: -I can't plan routes outside America Delorme Street Atlas: I haven't try this one. Can I plan long routes outside America with this? Do you know any else program/site that I could use to plan route?
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