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  1. Dave, I'm doing better but I'm having a hard time walking due to balance problems. The monument's top mimics the Road mile markers. The base contains a 200 year time capsule. I miss our forays out on the Road but I hopefully will be able to get back out there again. Steve
  2. Long time no post.<g> I wheeled over to Riverside Park, Cumberland, MD, June 10, 2012 to see the dedication of the new Cumberland National Road. monument. It took us about a 1-1/2 years to get the financing. Dignitaries from all of the CR states plus repres
  3. Denny, I liked your National Road trip report. I just wish I could have pointed out some more points of interest. ~Steve
  4. Thanks Dave. I don't know if I've listed this before but DavidRumsey.com has a zillion maps and there all free and downloadable. Steve
  5. Dave, I've got the Historic Topos in my places but I don't see anyway to choose a specific date. ~Steve
  6. Dave, I'm still not getting the option of USGS map dates on Google Earth. Steve
  7. Dave, My old brain just has a hard time with this new technology. I went to the page you indicated, and found Map Tech was the provider or maps of my area. Unfortunately, none of the hyperlinks appear in those map listings. I'm still lost. By the way, I'm using Dragon to write this reply. Steve
  8. In the heyday of Maryland road renovation, circa 1920s 30s, they would widen roads by adding a concrete shoulders to the side. The picture below shows the process. ~ Steve
  9. Dave, I was unaware of the overlay. I tied to figure out how to access it without success, what do I do? ~Steve
  10. Approx. location (within 50 feet or so)39.64058, -78.81739
  11. As befitting a spring culvert, there is a wall in the back.
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