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    Miscellaneous Roadtrips

    Places around the country on US-numbered routes.
  2. From the album: Miscellaneous Roadtrips

    Enchanted view looking out downstream from Ash Cave. My favorite spot along highway US-33, one of several discussed on my blog.

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  3. From the album: Miscellaneous Roadtrips

    Races of Man sculpture, Holliday Park, Indianapolis, Indiana has been here for decades, ever since is was rescued from the ruins of the St. Paul Building of New York City. One of the many sights to see on US-31.

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  4. From the album: Miscellaneous Roadtrips

    Map of routes US-126 ca. 1962, also showing former US-28. This is a great place for a scenic roadtrip, as it crosses the Cascade Range.

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  5. From the album: Miscellaneous Roadtrips

    Not quite the same as the girls who portrayed Southern Belles in 1962, but at least Cypress Gardens is preserved at the back of Legoland off US-27 in Winter Haven, Florida. .

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  6. Sorry I'm so late to reply. First Day Cover collectors vary, but some would certainly value a cover signed by the artist higher than a blank cover. Just like comics, sports memorabilia, etc. - Don
  7. From the album: Miscellaneous Roadtrips

    Jackson, Wyoming was one of many scenic locations along my US-26 virtual roadtrip, which included Scotts Bluff, Nebraska; Grand Teton National Park; and Picture Gorge on the John Day River, Oregon.

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  8. As a stamp collector, I'll say that is pretty cool! Congrats!
  9. Nice find! My oldest atlas is an undated Clason's Touring Atlas from sometime in the 20s, with all the named trails. It's not in great shape and cost me $9.00, so you got a bargain! - Don
  10. From the album: Miscellaneous Roadtrips

    Saw this as I explored Wisconsin this summer, looking for Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Wisconsin. You can read about some of the trip around the Manitowoc area, including the US-10 ferry.

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  11. From the album: Miscellaneous Roadtrips

    Just one of many historical sites along US-11 in Tennessee. I discovered you can make a loop through the northeastern part of the state using US-11E and US-11W, because they connect with each other at both Knoxville and Bristol.

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  12. From the album: Miscellaneous Roadtrips

    Standing on the Appalachian Trail, just off the parking lot on US-441 at Newfound Gap. And no, I'm not going to hike the trail...I'm on a roadtrip. The Appalachian Trail is part of my discussion on National Forests and National Parks to be found along US-2.

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  13. I haven't managed to drive the routes end-to-end, so my solution has been to construct a virtual roadtrip. I research the road and sites along the way from the perspective of the year 1962, just before the interstates took over. Then, I post the results organized in the conceit of each day's "drive" at my website Roadtrip-'62 . So far, I've completed US-23 and the longest route, US-6.
  14. Yellowstone is hands down my favorite National Park. I've been there four times and still am amazed by the geology of the thermal features! I live in Michigan and hope I have one more good roadtrip to the park left in me.
  15. Nice work! Some of these look like postcards, with that caption at the top.
  16. From the album: US-23 - From Sea To Inland Sea

    I found a route short enough for an entire roadtrip in one day! US-223 ran just 56 miles from near Somerset, Michigan to Toledo, Ohio in 1962. The Toledo Art Museum, is on Monroe Street, old US-223, near the end of the route in Toledo, Ohio. It was the best place I found on the trip.

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  17. From the album: US-6 - The Longest Highway

    Perhaps because this was the longest US-numbered highway, perhaps because the Grand Army of the Republic organization had adopted it, someone installed a plaque to mark the end of the highway. It was dedicated in May, 1953 and reads, in part, “This monument marks the western end of a coast to coast highway, extending a distance of three thousand six hundred fifty-two miles, through fourteen states.” The occasion was a gathering of five service-related organizations, including the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. The plaque was originally located in front of the Municipal Auditorium, but when that building was demolished sometime in the 1960s, it was moved to the Long Beach Performing Arts Center. It’s interesting to note that neither of these buildings was out at the corner of the Pacific Coast Highway and Atlantic Avenue, where maps have shown the actual end of the route. Because of this, some have theorized other locations for the original end of US-6, such as the interchange of the Long Beach Freeway at Pacific Coast Highway, or the Los Alamitos traffic circle, or even south of the Pacific Coast Highway at the Performing Arts Center. At any rate, it the end of my US-6 Roadtrip!

    © © 2017 - Milne Enterprises, Inc.

  18. From the album: US-6 - The Longest Highway

    Felix Chevrolet has been selling cars on Figueroa Street since 1921 and has a wonderful neon sign out front featuring Felix the Cat. The Felix character was borrowed from the popular cartoon "Felix the Cat" by pioneering automobile dealer Winslow Felix, who was a friend of filmmaker Pat Sullivan, whose animation studio created character. The original sign was erected in 1957 and a newer version has been added one block north. As we’re driving a 1962 Chevy Impala, this would be an appropriate place for a maintenance check. I should note that I’m staying on Figueroa Street even though US-6 had been moved onto the Harbor Freeway by 1962. The freeway is only 1-2 blocks off the street, so on this Day 36 of my US-6 roadtrip we’ll be passing the same places, but we will get to see more, and stop whenever we want, on the old road.

    © © 2017 - Milne Enterprises, Inc.

  19. I've managed to drive all of US-6 east from Joliet, IL, and all of old US-6 in California. I've even driven some isolated locations between, including most of Colorado. I knew I would never get to the whole route, so I created a "virtual" roadtrip, writing about what I might have seen in the year 1962. I just completed it on my website and it took me 36 virtual days to drive the entire route: there's a lot to stop and see!
  20. From the album: US-6 - The Longest Highway

    Pioneer Village is a museum run by the non-profit Harold Warp Pioneer Village Foundation. It began as a private museum and tourist attraction to showcase the development of technology, especially in the United States, from the pioneer days of 1830 to about 1953, when the village opened. Pioneer Village opened to the public in June of 1953 and was fully stocked with historical artifacts and buildings bought by founder Harold Warp just for this use. When I last visited in 1974, the village boasted over 30,000 artifacts, but now claims over 50,000 historical items, so the collection has grown. It is now the largest private collection of Americana anywhere. Nearly all items have been restored to working order. On Roadtrip-'62's Day 28, we spent half a day as we crossed Nebraska's prairie on US-6!
  21. No, you're not alone! I love sitting by the fire in the evening, either indoors or out. I haven't camped in 20 years and I miss a good campfire. But I had a very nice beach fire on Cape Cod a few years back with family. Throughout the winter, I put a nice fire in the fireplace and sit to read or watch TV. My wife roasts marshmallows and I roast hotdogs!
  22. From the album: US-6 - The Longest Highway

    Howard Johnson’s Motor Lodge and Restaurant, Council Bluffs, Iowa, from 1963 postcard, opened in that year. Now a Quality Inn, but the restaurant is closed. Council Bluffs in the end of Day 24 on my virtual US-6 roadtrip.

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  23. From the album: US-6 - The Longest Highway

    Among the places that you could see in 1962 and still can today is the Amana General Store. The Amana Heritage Museum operates it and stocks the shelves with dry goods and merchandise reminiscent of bygone days. They also operate the Communal Kitchen & Cooper Shop Museum, a blacksmith shop, a print shop and more in the Amana Colonies, just off US-6. Amana was one of many places we traveled to on Day 22 of my virtual roadtrip of US-2.

    © Public domain photo from the Historic American Buildings Survey Collection, Library of Congress

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