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  1. Miscellaneous Roadtrips

    Places around the country on US-numbered routes.
  2. Us Highways End To End

    I haven't managed to drive the routes end-to-end, so my solution has been to construct a virtual roadtrip. I research the road and sites along the way from the perspective of the year 1962, just before the interstates took over. Then, I post the results organized in the conceit of each day's "drive" at my website Roadtrip-'62 . So far, I've completed US-23 and the longest route, US-6.
  3. What's Your Favorite National Park?

    Yellowstone is hands down my favorite National Park. I've been there four times and still am amazed by the geology of the thermal features! I live in Michigan and hope I have one more good roadtrip to the park left in me.
  4. Us 52

    Nice work! Some of these look like postcards, with that caption at the top.
  5. New Us-6 Signage

    I've managed to drive all of US-6 east from Joliet, IL, and all of old US-6 in California. I've even driven some isolated locations between, including most of Colorado. I knew I would never get to the whole route, so I created a "virtual" roadtrip, writing about what I might have seen in the year 1962. I just completed it on my website and it took me 36 virtual days to drive the entire route: there's a lot to stop and see!
  6. Love Isn’T Just For Subaru, A Dying Breed & Trains

    No, you're not alone! I love sitting by the fire in the evening, either indoors or out. I haven't camped in 20 years and I miss a good campfire. But I had a very nice beach fire on Cape Cod a few years back with family. Throughout the winter, I put a nice fire in the fireplace and sit to read or watch TV. My wife roasts marshmallows and I roast hotdogs!
  7. How Can You Put A Google Map On A Post?

    Hope these instructions work for you; they did for me. 1. On the map page that shows your lines, click the small "link" button near the top left of the map (a link picture). 2. When that opens a dialog box, highlight and copy the text in the "Paste HTML to embed in website" box. 3. Add that code to the appropriate place in your own web page. - Don
  8. Rest Haven

    Interesting, one wonders if the sign pre-dated Holiday Inns or is a knock-off.
  9. Village Diner, Milford, PA

    Alex - Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad to trigger a memory. That's what I'm enjoying about my roadtrip; memories of the past. - Don
  10. Steps Off The National Road In 1914

    Awesome comparison shot! It's also amazing that the neighborhood looks so much the same 98 years later.
  11. Us 48

    Amazing that anyone is signing new US-routes, after so many have been decomissioned.
  12. Cool Springs

    Thanks for the photos and the story. I sure hope he can keep it open.
  13. Murals with Matchbox cars.

    Very cool use of old toy cars! The kind of look like they're in a giant, circular parking lot.