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  1. Welcome, Sam! In the future, you should make time to explore the National Road through PA and MD. It's well worth the time. See can see some vintage & current photos in the Picture Library at the CumberlandRoadProject.com ~ Steve
  2. Dave, I thoroughly enjoyed the pictorial journey! ~ Steve
  3. BW, My BSA summer experience was the old Camp Roosevelt, circa 1961, on the Chesapeake Bay (MD). We slept in 3-sided cabin structures and cooked over open fires. The camp's beach was always loaded with shark's teeth. I remember getting my Totin' Chip card and looking for snipes<g>. Scout camp was always a great time. Many boys these days don't know what they're missing. ~ Steve
  4. Alex, The FHA article is what clued me in to Gentry's pamphlet. I've found tons of info on the D. A. R.'s role in promoting the NOTR in early issues of the DAR Magazine and their Congressional Congress reports. Unfortunately, I've have been unable to find the pamphlet. I may have to contact DAR National to see if they have a copy. Thanks for everyone's suggestions. ~ Steve
  5. I'm working on a brief history of the Daughters of the American Revolution's association with the National Old Trails Road movement circa 1911 to the early 1920s. I'm trying to find a copy of a pamphlet called "The Old Trails Road, The National Highway" by Elizabeth Butler Gentry (1911). Any help finding such or other materials will be appreciated. ~ Steve
  6. Jim, The bridge is very cool... As is the second schoolhouse. What a waste of good architecture. We Americans ARE a wasteful lot. ~ Steve
  7. Somehow... I missed this thread. I must have been asleep. Great pix, Jim! ~ Steve
  8. Camp Mohawk... Sometime in the late 1950s, somewhere in the back woods of Prince Georges County, MD. Our Mom worked so my brother and I went every week day one summer. Somehow I finagled a junior assistant counselor position and got to swim with the older girl counselors... Cool beans! ~ Steve
  9. I guess the gas mileage will be higher now... ~ Steve
  10. I found a copy of the So. Cal National Old Trails Auto Guide, 1916, online. It can be read and downloaded for free. ~ Steve
  11. I had the occasion to speak to the local Daughters of the American Revolution chapter yesterday on the Cumberland Road. In preparation, I boned up the DAR's involvement in the early Good Roads movement. I was surprised to find they were a driving force in the creation of the National Old Trails Road. The FHA has good article on the movement to create the road here. I also found quite a bit of information in the DAR Magazines, circa 1913, which can be found on Google books. ~ Steve
  12. Denny, It's possible they may have stopped at Norris' Garage a few mile from the western base of Sideling Hill. There also appears to have been a garage attached to Hixson Feed on the old west side alignment of the road. ...And a service station near the bottom the of the mountain. ~ Steve
  13. Denny, Did your Grandparents travel Sideling often or were they on a road trip? Steve
  14. Jim, Thanks for the tour. I thoroughly enjoyed it! ~ Steve
  15. I pulled these two images of Sideling Hill off of the Internet recently... Top of west side of Sideling Hill looking east. I believe this is the east side of Sideling Hill, looking west, near the summit... Only because of the reference to the "Big Curve". This was probably located on the abandoned section of road. There is still a barn marked "Forest Hill" near the base of the mountain on the old Western Pike. ~ Steve
  16. Dave, I'm much enjoying the accounts of your journey! Akin to your mention of Lewis & Clark, I'm currently researching taverns on Gen. Braddock's Road, circa 1770s, in Allegany County, MD. The approximate route of Braddock's Road was the predecessor of the Cumberland (National) Road. If memory serves, I believe Lewis passed through this area at least once. ~ Steve
  17. Dave, The Chevy Used Car Lot shot is great! I'd be tempted to convert it to B&W.<g> ~ Steve
  18. Denny, I envy you, Jim and Dave... Some old age malady has my back in knots and I haven't been on a mini-road trip for a few weeks. Great shots from the road! I have a special place in my heart for the Zephyr. Steve
  19. "...something about the area screamed 'unfriendly to people not from here.' " ~ Mobilene Our traveling companion, Snip (One of the Traveling Dingleberries), likes to comment "...And they were never seen again." or mention something about hillbilly cannibals in similar situations. For some reason, when people see me with the camera they think (1) I'm with the newspaper, or (2) I'm with a realty company. When I tell them I'm documenting the National Road, they usually open up with all kinds of local information. ~ Steve
  20. While out shooting the National Road, I end up with many shots that don't quite fit what I want on the Cumberland Road Project website. I've created a home for a number of these images on Facebook called "Wish you were here..." Postcards from the National Road. New images and commentary are welcome! Steve
  21. Jim, The pix with all the signs is great! Was the owner a collector or was he selling the signs? (Just curious) Steve
  22. It sounds like you're right. Linen postcards were in fashion from about 1930 to 1945 according to an online source. ~ Steve
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