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Jess Winfield and Star Trek Original Movie Locations

Posted on 08/23/2019

Jess Winfield, American Road editor, L.A. based author and screenwriter talks about his feature article “Star Trek Original Movie Locations” in the Summer 2019 issue revealing a gorgeous array of[…]

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Haunted American Roads and Bridges

Posted on 08/16/2019

Paranormal investigator Marie D. Jones researched the tragic history of numerous American roads and bridges for a chapter in her book, Celebrity Ghosts and Notorious Hauntings. From Hwy. 41 on[…]

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Tom Cotter aka The Barn Find Hunter

Posted on 08/09/2019

Tom Cotter has gained a large and loyal following among classic car enthusiasts with his Barn Find Hunter series on YouTube and by forging a career promoting the collection and[…]

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Old Joliet Prison and Heritage Corridor Replay

Posted on 08/02/2019

Trip Talk recently hosted an interview with the amiable and informative Greg Peerbolte, executive director of the Joliet Area Historical Museum. Enjoy this “Best Of” episode again and listen for[…]

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Solomon’s Castle in Ona, Florida

Posted on 07/26/2019

Hidden away like a palace fashioned of magic and artistic genius, Solomon’s Castle in the lush wet wilds of central Florida is Howard Solomon’s dream of paradise. The creator’s daughter[…]

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