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How U.S. Automakers Helped the Allies Win WWII

Posted on 11/13/2023

On Jan. 1, 1942, the government froze the sale of consumer vehicles. Instead of working on luxury designs and automotive innovations, automakers were building tanks, trucks, airplanes, Jeeps, torpedoes, and[…]

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Stay and Play in Port Angeles, WA

Posted on 07/17/2023

Port Angeles, Washington is the Gateway to Olympic National Park and a destination in its own right; one that includes other natural wonders and recreational opportunities plus the rustic allure[…]

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Antique Adventure at WAAAM in Hood River

Posted on 07/10/2023

The WAAAM Air & Auto Museum has one of the largest collections of still-flying antique aeroplanes and still-driving antique automobiles in the country. The items on display at this museum[…]

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Green Book and Sundown on the Mother Road

Posted on 06/30/2023

Route 66 is a long story that is still being told. The glory of The Mother Road endures with a resilience underscored by her responsiveness to movements of not only[…]

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On the Western Trail of Bigfoot Museums

Posted on 06/26/2023

Bigfoot may be ever-elusive but as Sasquatch researcher and balladeer Tom Yamarone can attest, museums dedicated to the subject are dotted around America and not hard to find if you[…]

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