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Route 66 to Nomadland With Geoffrey Mark

Posted on 04/16/2021

Americans by the millions are planning to take to the highways this year; especially when they can do so safely and conveniently. Hollywood long has celebrated road travel and revealed[…]

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Maintenance Tips Before Hitting the Road Again

Posted on 04/02/2021

Vaccinations are rolling out and warm weather is approaching, enticing many to travel for the first time since the pandemic began. Millions of us are opting for road trips this[…]

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Scenic Seaside, OR and Ghosts on the Coast

Posted on 03/26/2021

The resort town of Seaside, Oregon offers some of the state’s most stunning ocean vistas and ample opportunities for windswept walks, on the sands or along the Seaside Promenade. Recently,[…]

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Hot Springs National Parks Turns 100

Posted on 03/19/2021

Ashley Waymouth is a park ranger and the Anniversary Coordinator for Hot Springs National Park. In this episode, we’ll be exploring natural features of the park, its social history and[…]

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Mt. Airy, NC and Mayberry Motor Inn

Posted on 03/12/2021

Mount Airy, North Carolina and the famous Mayberry Inn harken back to a simpler time, when CBS’ The Andy Griffith Show brought gentle laughter and wholesomeness to America from 1960-1968.[…]

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