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The Road to Roswell

Posted on 01/17/2020

Donald R. Schmitt, among the world’s best-known researchers into the Roswell UFO Incident, shares his enthusiasm for the lively town 75 miles from the site of the alleged crash of[…]

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The Barn Find Hunter Returns

Posted on 01/10/2020

Tom Cotter is a legend among car culture enthusiasts and his love of “barn finding” has attracted a following around the globe. He shares stories of discovering obscure collections that[…]

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Tupelo To Graceland: Happy 85th Birthday Elvis!

Posted on 01/03/2020

Elvis Presley aka The King of Rock and Roll, left a great legacy of popular songs, hit movies and a beautiful home called Graceland which is still a top tourist[…]

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Remembering 2019 and Welcoming 2020

Posted on 12/27/2019

Our last program of 2019 fondly recalls a wonderful man named Foster Braun who passed away in February: he was a warm-hearted professional whose love of broadcasting and long support[…]

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Country Roads Hide Treasures in North Carolina

Posted on 12/20/2019

Exploring the back roads in a state like North Carolina reveals an endless treasure trove of inspiration for artists and photographers like Tony Craig and his buddy on the road,[…]

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