Diner Days Department

Diner Days has remained one of the most popular departments in American Road. From diners such as Red Arrow Diner to Maine Diner, travelers look to our blog for America’s best diners. Readers browse for first-hand insight to find that great Yankee pot roast on their vacations; writers love to write for it because it gives them an excuse to indulge in a second slice of strawberry-laden cheesecake. Diner Days installments showcase the shining, prefabricated diners of New England, of course, but the department also visits vintage mom-and-pop eateries of every shape and size across the country. The only rule? Featured restaurants must serve up good food that has passed the test of time.

Barbara Fritchie in Frederick, Maryland

Mark A. Vernarelli Volume 8 #4 (Winter 2010)

In 1910 confectioner Ammon E. Cramer registered Barbara Fritchie Chocolates with the US Patent Office and began manufacturing candy in downtown Frederick. His sweet shoppe prospered, and in 1960 the[…]

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