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Forum Software Upgrade

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The fact that no one has clamored for an explanation of the changes in the forum's appearance testifies to the smoothness with which Guy Cook has managed to pull it off. This forum is now running on the latest version of Invasion Power Board software. Because of differences in the versions, a few cosmetic changes remain but, to the best of our knowledge, no messages, gallery photos, or member settings were lost in the upgrade. Big kudos to Guy for accomplishing this with virtually no disruption.


You may have been aware of some spamming activity through the forum's photo gallery that lead to some features being disabled in the latter part of February. Additional spamming, which fortunately affected only moderators, made it necessary to temporarily block all guest access to the gallery. Those holes are now plugged and guests may once again view all photos in the gallery although they cannot submit comments on them.


Improved security was the main reason for the upgrade but there are other improvements that we will all discover as we go along. Roadmaven has reported that improved filtering has dramatically reduced the number of frivolous membership applications he is seeing. Top 10 poster lists in "My Assistant" have become top 20 lists and seem to have more information. I'm sure there other improvements that I haven't even seen yet.


Prior to the update, a small number of members had added a "Personal Photo" to their profiles. Those photos seem to be the only member related items that didn't come through the update. I think there may be a change in the size of these pictures and that may be part of the reason the new version did not pick up the existing photos. These are not the avatars that appear next to each message. Those came through just fine. Only a fairly small number of people had uploaded a personal photo. If you're one of them, then you know what I'm talking about and you'll know how to reload the image if desired. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you most likely are not affected.


Hoping that all members continue to enjoy the forum and that guests who enjoy those gallery photos will join up and let us know.


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Don't let Denny fool you. He, Pat, and Jennifer did some fancy footwork immediately following our spam attacks. They also gave Guy some valuable feedback during the site upgrade, too.


Let's give Guy, Pat, Jennifer, and Denny a big American Road round of applause!


Becky :cheers2:

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