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Ohio Lincoln Highway Stretch Could Be Paved Over

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I'm no authority on road construction and I have no doubt that labor intensive brick pavement has a higher price tag than spreading asphault but $500,000 vs. $27,000? I'd like to see a second opinion and maybe this attention will result in that. Clearly some good LH folks such as Lichty & Buettner are now paying attention.

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I'm confused. The newspaper story seemed to say that the difficulty of plowing snow off this road is the reason for this, and that there have been a few asphalt patches here and there. Am I missing something?


Where I grew up, there are many brick streets left in the older parts of town, and I believe the city has been plowing them successfully for many decades. So I'm not sure why plowing would be a problem.



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Hi Larry F.


Thanks for the heads up! I wrote the Trustees.

Keep the Show on the Road!


At the risk of giving away a "trade" secret of mine, one can - on many Google pages - and for sure at

Google Alerts set up "alerts" to notify you when there is a posting on news, blogs, web pages, newsgroups, or videos OR all the foregoing sources, and have it notify you when there is something new, either "as it happens", "once a day", or weekly by email.


Needless to say, perhaps, one of mine is "Lincoln Highway". You get a few extraneous and unimportant stuff - like the opening of a new tavern on Lincoln Highway here in my town, but overall, I find it great for keeping up.

This is how I got the piece about the LH near Canton, OH.

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It seems the Cindell bricks have a temporary reprieve. Another post here caused me to do some scouting and I discovered that the minutes of Osnaburg Township trustee meetings are online. The way I read those from April 14, the paving project has been shelved for this year to allow time to find some funding for preservation.

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The latest "Buckeye Ramblings", the official newsletter of the Ohio Lincoln Highway League, reports that the temporary reprieve has turned into something more permanent. Letters and other shows of support were part of the rescue then a presentation by the Eastern Ohio Chapter to trustees of two townships convinced those trustees of the value of the remnants by making them aware of the historical significance of the Lincoln Highway. Lincoln Highway Association members will be able to read about this major victory in the Fall 2008 issue of the Forum. One of the endangered sections was on the cover of the Winter 2007-2008 issue which contained a great report on the street by Mike Buettner.

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Yep, as Denny mentioned, the Fall issue of the Forum has a picture of one of the streets on the cover with the caption "Saved" and an article regarding it. Just recieved it yesterday.


We've driven both stretches, very much worth the effort to preserve them. We also have stayed at the Palmantiers Motel at the east end of Baywood street. Pretty cool parking our car in the garage of the motel room!



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