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  1. Fantastic photos and documentation. How are you finding these segments and how difficult has it been to locate them? What would your rate of travel be if you had to reason a guess? Curious if you are able to go much faster than the cars of the day were able to. Please keep the pictures coming, this has been very interesting to follow. Jason
  2. We're going to be heading to the Black Hills of South Dakota for a vacation soon. Badlands N.P. is a definite stop enroute. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for scenic roads or stops in the area besides Iron Mountain Road & Needles Highway? Thanks! Jason
  3. Tracing Jackson's trip sounds like it would be interesting. Looking forward to hearing about it when you do take it!
  4. That is pretty neat! Amazing that the cars could make over some of those grades. That's an adventure by today's standards. I liked some of the reference points too, "House surrounded by trees at bottom of hill," I'm going to guess it was sparsely populated. How did you find one that old? Antique store find or ebay or? Going to be anticipating hearing about your adventures! Jason
  5. Hi Dave, Definitely ready for some warm weather! I was amazed that the road had lasted, especially since it is on the edge of a creek! I wish the current Michigan roads could last a little longer LOL. Jason
  6. An interesting article about a War of 1812 corduroy road that can still be seen here in Michigan. http://www.freep.com/article/20110411/NEWS05/104110330/1001/rss01
  7. Thank you for posting the link to the story. That is definitely troubling news, but in today's economy, becoming a common problem. The display was very interesting, we've visited a couple times. The old location was hard to find, whereas the new facility is convenient and impressive. If you have any interest in rv'ing and particularly the antique ones from the pioneering days of recreational travel (as I do), Elkhart is well worth a visit. Hopefully they can rectify the situation so we can continue to enjoy the collection and watch it grow. Jason
  8. Haven't seen that one, will look for it on Netflix and give it a look. thanks for the suggestion. Jason
  9. Dave, That guy has been trying to unload that thing for years. Reminds me of a dried up Cicada LOL. You'd have to be pretty brave to take that one on. Jason
  10. After Denny clarified he wasn't having the same problem, I went back and re-subscribed to the feed. It actually worked this time (it didn't on prior attempts). I even was able to add the blog feed. Thank you to all. I'm back on the road again!
  11. Hi All, Has anyone else been experiencing "problem loading this content" with the RSS feed? I have an AT&T/Yahoo acoount and it continually fails to post the feed, A.R. is the only one this happens with. Very frustrating as I am missing out on the topics. Thanks, Jason
  12. Hi Mike, It is great that you know so much of your car's history. Most of these things have a unknown past. I am curious, did you have to do much to your car before putting it on the road for serious driving? What do you to prepare for a trip when touring with a Vintage car? Jason
  13. Hi Mike, Welcome to the forums. Glad you found your way over here. Looking forward to hearing more. Jason
  14. Denny, I'm looking forward to following another of your interesting trips. Too bad the Lincoln Cafe was closed, very good food there. Mt Vernon is a nice town too. Hope you have a great time at the conference. Jason
  15. Nice! My kinda place! Denny thanks for sharing.
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