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Richfield Oil Eagle

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On my travels recently in Central Oregon I located and visited an abandoned town with a store and Richfield Oil dealer. As is always the case, the store windows are smoked with age and the interior is full of assorted junk. Wonderful because I don’t really appreciate or enjoy restorations in most cases, and because I know the place is intact.

Is the eagle I photographed through the window a version of the famous Richfield Eagle? I know of two versions of the eagle. This one is similar to one of them which has spread wings, but the neck of this cast is not elongated.

So for you service station pros, any thoughts?


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I appreciate your discretion in not revealing the location of this gem of a time capsule. Too many times I have traveled to what I hope is an intact ghost town only to find that it has already been ransacked and tagged by vandals, especially true in California. Places like this are disappearing fast.


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