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Us 6 Tour Update

Michael Ballard

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After reviewing some photos I had taken on previous trips, I found enough to extend my US 6 tour from its old terminus in Tonopah, Nevada all the way to the Utah State Line east of Ely, Nevada. The tour is finally "done". I don't think I can go much further east for some time, as I lack quite a bit of photos and information about the road's journey through Utah. Maybe one day. I've at least taken the roadway to I-15 and done other parts in Utah and Colorado.






PS - The tour is now about 620 miles long, so if you wish to follow the whole thing, it might take a while.

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It is hard to express how much I like your US 6 site and work! Outstanding and Excellent come to mind!!


You used several excellent maps which I really appreciated . If I can help provide additional maps, I bet I have several period maps (1920’s) that cover the route in the west, and nationally. And I am happy to share them with an excellent project. Let me know.


I think of US 6 as being much of the old Midland Trail. Am I correct? When you get into Utah you will certainly enjoy it. When I was in Utah in November I took the section of US 6 / Midland Trail between Spanish Fork and Green River. I photographed the old Green River Midland Hotel, the Pastime Bar (Ya gotta love that Beer sign!), and the old bank building on US 6 / Midland Trail. This is what I would call “old town” Green River. I really enjoy these authentic old sites.


Again, Nice Job!




Keep the Show on the Road!






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