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Michael Ballard

Bridge To Nowhere And The Road To Nowhere

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In the San Gabriel Mountains, above Azusa, California, there are two roadways from two different periods that were both abandoned. One, the "Road to Nowhere" was to be a part of the East Fork Road that would have eventually traversed the range and ended near Big Pines. This attempt was abandoned in 1938 after a devastating flood that destroyed four of the five miles built, leaving an arch bridge and tunnel a long ways from anything. In the late 1950's, though ending in the mid 1960's, another attempt was partially constructed. This time, a higher approach was to be used which was planned to connect to the "Bridge to Nowhere". This was also abandoned, leaving a partially finished roadway and two tunnels behind. I hiked to the "Road to Nowhere" yesterday in a wetsuit with my husband and we are both quite tired. Still, it was a lot of fun and very beautiful. A while back, I posted some additional information on my site, which has photos and more detailed information about the roads:



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That is one fascinating story and set of photos on your web site! I "discovered" twin tunnels on the Yellowstone Trail years ago, but not so far off the beaten path as your bridge and tunnels. Great job!!




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