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"Another year comes to a close" | Sylvia | 'Reflections'
Can hardly believe 2016 is almost over; it was a great year in so many ways!
(No health or 2017 Road Trip news to report, yet, anyway.)
Previously a Memory Monday feature, this image:
prompted me to start another story (The Newspaper Limo) with new characters & plot:
Anyone else love observing differences & similarities between vehicle nameplate generations & years?
Since I love statistics (trends, sports records & automotive details), I had some fun determining my distribution graph for the last digit of years of cars I have owned. The only 2 digits I have not owned, at least not yet, 4 & 5!
0 = 1 (2000)
1 = 1 (1981)
2 = 1 (1972)
3 = 1 (2003)
4 = 0
5 = 0
6 = 1 (1976)
7 = 2 (1997, 1987)
8 = 1 (1988)
9 = 3 (1979CC, 1989CC, 1979)
How about you?
Cort ;) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 1979 CC to 2003 MGM + 81mc
"Welcoming in the new year" | Vonda Shepard | 'What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?'
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Boy, that was sort of depressing!! :) I listed all 25 of the automobiles I have owned in the past 60 years and there was no Maserati or Ferrari. Not even a Porsche. There were three sports cars (MGA, Triumph, Fiat Spyder), a few convertibles, and after that just sedans, station wagons, vans, pick ups, and such…..nothing to brag about. What a downer for an old guy!!


A conservative estimate of their direct cost has to be (in today’s dollars) at least a third of a million and probably an equal amount in gas, tires, insurance, etc. So I have paid $600,000 to $700,000 to drive around.


Was it worth it? Damn right it was!!! Some of the best money I ever spent! Should have spent more!!


And a little story for the youngins….I was staying at the Waterville Hotel in Waterville, Washington on the Yellowstone and Red Trail, and our fine host had poured his guests a glass of wine. We were discussing what we regretted not doing in our lives, and I was the oldest. It occurred to me that what I regretted most was not having "sinned" enough. :) And I could probably add, not driving enough on our heritage highways.


And BTW, I think I probably completed your “test” of the last digits!!! That has to be worth something!! :)




Keep the Show on the Road

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LOL, Dave ... sadly, I don't have a Maserati or Ferrari on my resume of vehicles, either, & probably never will. But, I'm OK with that. ;) That said, I'd say your list is actually an upper ... I'd love to have a convertible & a station wagon ... who knows, maybe it could be 1 & the same!?


Cost of ownership is 1 thing I've never really kept track of ... & don't want to ... because, as you noted, it was money well worth it ... & I don't want to ruin that thought with how much others might consider to be a "waste".........


1 of my regrets (so far, anyway) is most certainly not driving the heritage highways enough. I want to rectify that, &, if I'm able to go "on the road" & work remotely this year, that would be a start ... tho, at the moment, that is looking less likely..... Having not "sinned" enough is also a regret........


Good ... I was wondering if anyone would be able to run the table on the numbers! As you can see, I have all but 2 numbers covered (much like having all but 2 of the states visited). The convertible I want would cover the 5: 1975 Caprice Classic convertible. Not sure what car to own for the 4, though I think it might be neat to have a Mopar of some sort to go with my Mercury & Monte, to have 1 of each from the Big 3?

Cort, www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 1979 CC to 2003 MGM + 81mc
"Uh, what model is it?" | Johnny Cash | 'One Piece At A Time'
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