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Videos: Out Of Comfort Zone + Cruise Nites

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Quite a while since I regularly went to cruise nights; when I get a different daily driver, the urge to just drive & go to cruise nights will return. These 3 entries are photos I took during summer 2011 cruise nights, when I attended a cruise night nearly every evening of the week.
#1 = Chevelle SS, Buick Riviera & Nova:
#2 = Mopar wagon:
#3 = a VW & an Essex (when is the last time you saw 1 of those!?)
(This post also has a link to the 1st video I recorded.)
That 1st video was me stepping out of a comfort zone. It seemed to be well-received, so I did a 2nd video, this time about how low you let your gas tank go before filling it up again. (You should be able to see it whether or not you are on Facebook.)
Not sure when-if I will do more video(s).
Cort ;) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
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In reply to your video on how low should you let your gas tank go, I have four perspectives.


  1. One is when it starts to falter from a a lack of fuel, pull into a station!! Obviously that only works when you are in an area with lots of stations, but I used it as a kid. (That was in the days of carburetors. Does fuel injection give you a block or two of distance if you swing back and forth to pick up the last drop in the tank?)

  2. I drove my car down to 13 miles DTE last week, not intentionally, so my second answer is get gas at anytime before it stalls.

  3. My third view resulted from experience with one and two above. I once put a small plastic gas can in the trunk with about a gallon of gas. This has the advantage that you never run out, but you may explode. A hot day will expand the plastic container until it leaks! The old VW's had a variation on this plan with a spare reserve you activated by turning a lever. I think a famous singer died when he couldn't reach his, but he was in an airplane.

  4. Just so you know I'm not a full scale idiot, I think the best advice is to keep it above an 8th to quarter tank, not just because you will run out, but because you may draw sludge into your gas line if you run it down to the last drop....or so I/m told.


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