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New Dixie Highway Book


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It took me about thirty trips over eleven years to complete a pass of the entire Dixie Highway system but I drove the last piece in July. In November I published a book about the experience. The book, A Decade Driving the Dixie Highway, is available at Amazon and eBay.

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Thank you both for your support. I imagine Chris has driven a fair amount of the Dixie but I'm not so sure about Dave. It's a long way from the Pacific Northwest although I guess the southern terminus is a pretty straight shot on the Hypotenuse Trail.


The book is print-on-demand so they should never really be out of them. I've seen that 1 or 2 left message before and wondered if they really print a few for quick shipping or if it is just a marketing tactic. I kind of favor the marketing trick idea since it seems to me that, with the huge number of titles they carry, it's probably easier to print a new one than to find the one you printed yesterday.

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So very cool, Denny! I'm thrilled to be a part of your Lincoln Highway book ... &, even though I wasn't on the Dixie Highway with you, I smile knowing I was part of the end of your exploration of the last section of it!



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