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Your reports are anything but cursory! I enjoy both the content and the format.


I think our mutual friends at American Road should contract with you to do trip reports between issues. Several of the magazines I subscribe to outside the travel genre do interim e-mails to subscribers with fresh content. It would seem a natural for a quarterly magazine, the opportunity to highlight advertisers, and to provide a sense of continued community connection for readers.


You have a consistent style, you "see" well, do good photos, and you mix the road geek with the weekend traveler interests.


Just a thought!!




Keep the Show on the Road!

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Dave: You're right, "cursory" isn't quite the right word but I wanted to announce -- especially since it was close on the heels of Jim's -- that my report lacked the details of pavement, abandoned sections, etc., that are in his.


Jim: Those picture were probably taken through the windshield. You may sometimes notice that marks on the pavement and smudges on my car's glass can be strikingly similar.


Jim (again): Regarding that brewery I asked about, it seems that the road it is on is DH although the road I approached it on was not. It was the work-around north of Oolitic that gets back to the DH at Needmore.

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I'll "3rd" Dave's motion.


I'm still thrilled we had the chance to meet in July 2012 after a couple misses, including that night in Amarillo in 2011.





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