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Original Bridge Over The Raging River Near Fall City And Preston

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These photos were taken last saturday of an original bridge over the Raging River. There is a re-alignment around this section so it retains a stretch of original pavement that county records show was laid in 1926.


here is the link to the photos.



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That is a fascinating piece of old highway and interesting old bridge. The photos are great, and the center joint in the 1923 concrete helps support my hypothesis regarding when center joints appeared in concrete....handy for dating roads.


You tentatively dated the bridge to 1915 and the concrete to 1923, so you must know more of the history.


That is a pretty nice bridge for 1915. Is it possible that the concrete railing was added or replaced? I don't see the signs of multiple vehicle collisions and concrete deterioration I might expect. We have an old Pacific Highway bridge crossing the Deschutes River in Tumwater (you may know it) which used to have vintage concrete rails from about 1915, but they were replaced a few years ago.


Good stuff!!




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I had to make a correction. I was up most of last night downloading maps so I got a little mixed up. The county records show that this stretch of Hwy from Preston to Fall City was graveled in 1923. The records show that the paving was done in 1926 with some repairs done in 1935 and 1936. The records I found on this bridge and others that have this pattern style all date in the late teens.


Below is a link to what I found that I think it this bridge over the Raging river. The county dated this 1914.



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