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Old Us 99 Sign Still In Use

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Hello everyone!


I am new to the group and wanted to say hi. I am glad to be part of this forum as it is great to be with like minded people who enjoy the history of the old highways. I am very fond of the Pacific Highway and since I live in Washington I am interested in the routes it took in my state. I have learned a great deal from this site and I enjoy the new discoveries posted here. I look forward to share and view many more discoveries.


I wasn't sure what to start with so I picked this photo I took last summer from Columbia St and 1st Ave. I think it is the last sign in Washington that shows SR99 as US Hwy 99.


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Great photo! Should I assume that is in Seattle?


I recall seeing a US99 sign on a post in southern Oregon a few years back, but I suspected it was not the "real thing." Your's definitely is the genuine article.




Keep the Show on the Road!


PS. Curt and I have communicated by e-mail for the last couple of weeks so I know he will be a great addition to the gang here. He is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of history. Welcome, again!

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Yeah, that is an old one.


I can remember when a lot of the signs had reflecters, most are gone now.



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