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  1. GREAT story, thanks! I haven't been to much of NM, saw Chaco Canyon and that is about all. Guess you are getting wet now, I see the rain on the news, hope you are dry. Thanks again, Dale
  2. Thanks Dave, I will report next year when we stop by the area again. Dale
  3. Hey Dave, another bit of bad news. The piece of 1913 Lincoln I ride my bike on south of Hickison Summit had survey stakes for a new road to cut across it in a few places. No body knows or uses it?? Dale
  4. Hey Dave, that is a BLM campground near the Salmon Falls Creek Dam, you can also park for free by the boat ramp. We stayed in the CG as it was only $3 with a S/A pass. I bet that the guard at the dam though you looked like the kind of guy who would blow it up, ha ha. Bad news, the International Café in Austin might have change owners. An old man was the waiter, he couldn't my order right, The prices are a lot higher and the food gave my wife the runs all night long. Dale
  5. I found a dam road today in Idaho. North of Jackpot, Nevada about 15 miles is Rogerson, ID, go west of it 7 miles and there is a dam making Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir. There is a narrow one lane road crossing the old dam. I forgot how to post photos here, plus Photobucket changed how you capture a link. Dale
  6. Nice report, I was last up the Oregon Coast five years ago, of course I didn't notice your bridge. I love US 101 through Oregon, the prettiest road I have ever been on. Dale S
  7. He was some kind of nut. It didn't do any good, people just used the next tree to replace it. Dale S
  8. Last night I was in a restaurant in Fallon, NV. Wife and I was looking at a photo of an old mining town on the wall, a fellow in the next booth, a local, said it was Fairview. We got to talking and I brought the Middlegate Shoe Tree up. He told me that one who did it, came to the Big R in Fallon and bought the biggest chainsaw they had. Police found out and arrested him. DaleS
  9. Hey Dave, what a gas 10 years to the day on those photos. No one noted the sugar dispenser with the screw on top. Today they had a sugar dispenser with red chili flakes in it also Dale
  10. Hey Dave, I am hanging around and just happened to take an updated photo of inside the International Café this afternoon. The pay phone and the squeeze bottle ketchup is gone. Lazy Susan on the cable reel tables are still there. Where you took your photo is now a table for 8 persons, so I am in the table next to it. The self serve box has water and cokes in it, makes more money than a pay phone now days with cell phones. Dale
  11. The wooden tables are still here, with the lazy Susan in the center with stuff. I will have to look again, I think ketchup is in Hunt upside down plastic bottles. Gives me an excuse for another lunch there. Had lunch at the Toiyabe Cafe yesterday and that was a mistake. The Lincoln Motel is still alive and well. The smoke from the Yosemite fires has got here this morning. I am at the hot springs 20 miles east of Austin, went to town this morning and you couldn't see the valley from Austin. Dale S
  12. Yeah Dave, you can't keep a good shoe tree down. The joy of the Shoe Tree, down the road is the International Cafe. They still have the half pound burgers, too much for me. Plus you get a free ink pen. DaleS
  13. I drove by the Middlegate Shoe Tree yesterday on my way to a central Nevada hot springs. Not much left of the old tree, I like the question on it. Looks like they wanted firewood. The new shoe tree looks like it has lots of blossoms on it. Another view of it. Dale S
  14. Very interesting, I have traveled both American Canyon & Jameson Canyon, neat roads. As for history, my dad and a friend were riding a motorcycle to San Francisco to catch a boat to Australia to work in the early 1930's and a car hit them at the Napa "Y" and ended the trip. Dale S
  15. You are doing good Dave, I've foliowing your posts. Keep the good reports coming. Dale S
  16. Yeah, that is an old one. I can remember when a lot of the signs had reflecters, most are gone now. Dale
  17. You are right, I doubt if need HDR. I only keep around 2% of the pictures I take. I haven't even played with RAW yet. Just now figured how to download RAW in my laptop. I have Photoshop CS5 and haven't read the book, Elements 6 works good enough for me. Right now having fun with my inferred trail camera and the kit foxes that come in at night here. Dale
  18. Thanks for explaining HDR Dave, I never looked into that part of photography. The examples I have seen were blown out colors. The mulitiple ISO is interesting for my action shots. I have to go as high as 1250 ISO to stop hummingbird wings and 640 for flying birds. Dale
  19. Hey Denny, I do have two of those cameras. I shoot with such a short field of focus not much room for 3D. BTW, one is heavy enough for me. Those dual cameras are a trip, maybe 3D in video mode?? Dale
  20. But Denny, mine is longer. For bird and wildlife photography. Dale S
  21. Nice photos, Dave. Idaho seems to be on fire quite often, there was a big fire in the Stanley area last time I was there about seven years ago. Do you use this link for fires? http://www.nifc.gov/fireInfo/nfn.htm Dale
  22. Very nice report, I'll look for the old Lincoln Hwy next time I do through the area. I have driven through the snow sheds that the tracks have been removed from. A friend mine has a summer cabin on Donner Lake and knew about them. Dale
  23. Dave, I used to collect bottles and I would guess it is early 1900's. They started making bottles by machine in 1906 (or 8) but not all bottles were made by machine then. I didn't want to dig through the packrat's nest, it takes them too long to make one and they use them for generations. But one on top of my Cummins engine has to go. Lots of lunches or camping in the area, there were many old sardine and other kinds of rusted cans around. Dale
  24. Today I rode back to the summit on the old Lincoln Hwy and took some pictures. First the end of the pole showing two holes that were drilled for a sign and two other holes from bullets Now a photo of the other end of the pole, notice on the right side a piece of pottery and a neck of a bottle Now a closer look at the pottery and bottle neck. I looked at the bottle neck and it was hand blown. Lots of old cans around the area. Now a better look at the packrat's nest entrance and the rocks that helped hold up the post. Amazing this has been there almost 100 years. I had a packrat hitch a ride on top of my motorhome engine last year, it took a while but I made a "good" packrat out of him. Nice to hear from you Denny, thanks Dale
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