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Good stuff Denny. I took notes of places I need to stop at when I get a chance to venture further east than Arizona on 66...and I would drive the unpaved section to Endee.

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I have been following your latest adventure, as I usually do, and as usual it does a great job of presenting story and image. The shots of the interior of the Hotel Gadsden are especially interesting. Sheila and I were there a few years ago, and it hasn't changed. For me it is one of the best examples of what a hotel was like 80 years ago.


Did you happen to note the old elevator?




You don't say anything about your room, or the coffee shop.........but what a lobby!




Keep the Show on the Road!

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Dave, it was your picture of the lobby that got me wanting to stay at the Gadsden in the first place.


Guess I somehow missed the elevator.


I did show my room and mention the pachinco machine. The room was pretty much what you'd expect in an old hotel only warmer. They do have some sort of central AC but the 100+ temps are a bit much for it. I glanced at the coffee shop but took no pictures. I ate in the restaurant and drank in the bar but got no pictures of them either though both were pleasant enough. The meal wasn't bad but neither was it particularly good. It was intentionally left out of the journal.

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Really enjoy your road trip reports - if your server ever ups and dies on you I got your road trips back 5 or so years in a Denny G folder in my email. PIctures are great too.

Also great is the chance to get to sit down and talk roadie over a cup of coffee off and on when you're in Memphis.

Safe Travels.




Alex Burr

Memphis, TN

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