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Black Hills & South Dakota Suggestions?

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We're going to be heading to the Black Hills of South Dakota for a vacation soon. Badlands N.P. is a definite stop enroute. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for scenic roads or stops in the area besides Iron Mountain Road & Needles Highway?





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I visited the SD Badlands National Park (North Unit) last year in mid July and it was beautiful. I came in from the east (state 240, exit 131 off I 90) and was surprised that there is a Minuteman Missile National Historical Site as you head in.


You asked about other sites. That is one I recall, although I didn't tour the silo. I guess I wasn't into reminiscing about near death experiences, and the concept of mutual annihilation as a deterrent. But I'm sure it would have been interesting. It was just a little too real for a guy who grew up with one eye out for the nearest A Bomb shelter.


Your question gives me an excuse to post a couple of 3D (cross eye) photos of the Badlands from last year.











Keep the Show on the Road!

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I would like to visit Minuteman Missile NHS to compare the technology to what is on display out here (near Tucson) at Pima Air and Space Museum's Titan Missile Museum, which I have visited numerous times, including just last evening! I always find it fascinating, and I grew up here in here 60s/70s, when we were without doubt a first-strike Soviet target site (as were Wichita and Little Rock) due to the Titan sites that ringed Tucson and the other two cities from 1963 until 1984/86.

As far as scenic Black Hills roads, I loved the road with the 'pigtail bridges' (corkscrew-type bridges that pass over/under themselves), but I think that they are on the Needles Highway that the original poster mentioned.

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Seeing as your going to be in the area visit world famous Wall - just be aware it's one big tourist trap (you can hear the trap snap shut as you drive into town!!!:lol: You can get far more than a glass of water - but your wallet's gonna be a lot lighter when you leave!! But, if you approach it from that point of view it's interesting to visit.



In 2002 my daughter and I on a father/daughter trip drove thru the Badlands from the eastern end - and as I recall we wound up in Wall just following the road thru the park.


From what I could see of the Badlands a crow would starve to death trying to fly over it - it's the wildest looking place I've ever seen.




Alex Burr

Memphis, TN

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