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My Time On Route 66 The Old Double 6

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I just wanted to say I am glad I found this forum. I love road trips, not jut the journey is important, but the destination. I always get a little sad when I have to turn around, and make my way home. I work full time much like almost every responsible person in the world, and I find my vacation time is gold. Every second should be enjoyed. I choose to enjoy myself on the road...driving. I know that the US as a country right now is having it's hardships and pain with the leadership of this nation, but one thing that remains..the natural wonders and the beautiful places epically out west. Anyway, I had the opportunity to travel Route 66 August-September 2010. It was awesome! I had a new car and it was it's first run across the country.


Now, being a guy from south of Chicago, I often adapted my photographic eye to the rust and steel, and abandoned machinery and ornate buildings that are left to decay in certain areas of Chicago-land and Northwest Indiana, however I have developed another eye, and that is for the natural beauty of the American Southwest. I started out by trying to drive every mile of Route 66, but found that was really tedious. I elected to drive a portion in each state of the mother road. It was fun, I actually fashioned a dash cam to my rear view mirror and took video along the way. I suppose what I was looking for on my trip along Route 66 was something from the past in America, the innocent times of this land, the old stories, the old ways. Anyway, I hope to take a road trip to Monument Valley this August, if the gas prices don't get to crazy. If your ever bored and want to see some of my photos, videos etc on Route 66 and out west...you can check them out here.


One dream I have is to finally be able to move out to the American Southwest and find a solid job in photography, landscape, etc...and digital media. I am already 39 and it seems like I never got out of the starting gate....




10 Minutes east of Amboy, California



A wonderful place to stop on Route 66 (a must)



A video tribute to Route 66



Take care enjoy :-)



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Your photos are great, and I recall a few of those places, especially Roy's.


The southwest is a magic place, and you will certainly enjoy Monument Valley. I recommend spring or late fall to get the best light and least summer haze.


I get a chuckle at your comment about being 39. You may think you are half way through life, but its all ahead of you.




Keep the Show on the Road!

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Good stuff. The word "refreshing" came to mind almost immediately when I fired up your video with Angel Delgadillo. My impression is that you had only the vaguest of expectations when you reached Seligman and that Angel & Vilma were, at least to some degree, a real surprise. Most long-timers here and in other roadie groups preach the doctrine of preparation. It's a basically good doctrine that tries to let folks use time efficiently and not miss somebody's idea of a must-see. But it does that by downplaying discovery. Hearing from someone with an appreciation for the road -- and roads in general -- who stopped in Seligman without ingesting a ton of advance publicity was very cool. And very refreshing.


And that Amboy sunrise and the fact that you put some effort into seeing it was pretty cool, too.

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I am already 39 and it seems like I never got out of the starting gate....


This hits home for me, Chris ... as I feel nearly that exact same way. I'm 2 years younger than you ... and feel that, in some ways, life has already left me behind in a cloud of dust.




And, yet ... I know I've experienced more than some people my age, which makes me feel a tad less older...LOL.



I'm glad you joined us here. Your photographs and videos are simply AWESOME. I traveled Route 66 a year before you (September 2009) and am hitting some spots of it this year during my road trip. You and I are alike in terms of loving to drive ... and in other areas of life, from what I've read on your website.




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