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  1. I think I'd take that bet. I've seen it rather reliably for a a matter of weeks so if you haven't seen it at all, I doubt that you will. Since I only see it with the forum, I thought it reasonable that it was something at the server end but if that were the case I wouldn't be the only one seeing it. Perhaps it's something with my machine and the specific URL. I can't imagine what that could be but just about anything is possible when electrons get together. I shall continue to watch and ponder.

  2. For the last several weeks, attempts to reach this forum are often hijacked and redirected. There is always an ad of some sort from infinityads.com (the most recent was for a James Bond auction) and a request to select some offer to reach "locked content". The most recent choices involved a Best Buy gift card, something from Southwest Airlines, and "All-in-one master cheat software". Closing the page and immediately re-accessing the forum works fine. I'm guessing it's time based since all is well for at least several hours. But eventually the hijacking behavior returns. This is true if I try to access the forum anew or if I try to refresh a browser page with the forum after several hours. I have not performed the sort of experiments necessary to determine how much time is involved of if it really is time related at all.


    Opening question: Is anyone else seeing this or anything similar?

  3. I learned of this through the Route 66 Yahoo Group. I'm sure some forum members knew Carl, a Route 66 scout, historian, and general god guy.


    Carl L. Johnson

    HILLSIDE - Carl L. Johnson, 57, of Hillside, passed away at 3:16 a.m. on Wednesday, December 05, 2012 at Memorial Medical Center.

    Arrangements are pending with Kirlin-Egan & Butler Funeral Home, 900 S. 6th St., Springfield.


    Published in The State Journal-Register on December 6, 2012

  4. Maybe two isn't exactly a deluge but compared to zero it's a lot. Zero is the number of US 6 books that I was aware of until recently. Then one day I learned of a Route 6 guidebook via a travel blog and through that learned that Joe Hurley's book about his walk across the country on US Highway 6 was available. Both were published in May and I probably should have known of them earlier. Better start paying attention, I guess.


    Malerie Yolen-Cohen's "Stay On Route 6" is a guidebook to the entire highway with advice on things to see and where to sleep and eat. I posted a review here:


    Joe Hurley's "Ten Million Steps On Route 6" is filled with Travis Lindhorst's photographs and Joe stories about people and places. My review is here.

  5. He is in the Navy but doesn't jump. He is what used to be called a Journalist but is now a much more impressive Mass Communication Specialist. Shooting is from both the ground and the plane.


    Here are some pictures from a little experimenting I did to help me understand things. I know I've got some Nikon RAW software around here somewhere and an old copy of Photoshop Elements, too, but I just used the comfy PhotoPlus for both the RAW and HDR processing.


    The first picture is straight from the camera.



    The second is an HDR image made from the first image, HDRT1, plus two others made at plus and minus 1 EV.



    The third is an HDR image made by passing HDRT1 through the RAW processor a couple of times to make plus and minus 1 EV exposures.



    An exposure value is required for each contribution to the HDR. When the two alternate exposure RAW files were used, this was defaulted to 1.4 EV and I let those values remain. Because of this, when I modified the exposure from the single file, I used 1.4 as the setting in both the RAW and HDR processing. The EXIF data in the files shows 1 EV as it should so I've no idea why 1.4 was used. This discrepancy could account for some difference in the two HDR pictures but I don't know that and there's not a ton of difference anyway.


    Whether or not my son gets into RAW processing and HDR remains to be seen. Whether or not Denny does if fairly predictable. My workflow (I picked that up reading about HDR) involves getting 10 to 30 pictures selected and edited into fairly low resolution 800 x 600 images each day I'm traveling. It's nice to know I could get to HDR if I wanted but I doubt I will very often.

  6. That's quite a response and it probably can serve as an introduction to post processing. For me, it reinforced the illusion that I sort of half way understand HDR and triggered a few other thoughts. One is that I didn't really ask the right question. In camera HDR isn't really what I'm looking for; It's single exposure HDR. Perhaps RAW is the solution. I've barely even looked at it in the past and don't really know what "adjustments" are possible. If altering exposure is one of them, then producing multiple images fro HDR seems feasible and may be the answer. I'll have to look into that.


    I have a Lumx FZ8 that offers single exposure bracketing. That would also seem to create appropriate HDR material. The D5100 has auto-bracketing but it operates over a series of shots rather than a single shot. Is it possible that SLRs simply can't do this? Or maybe shooting RAW removes the need.


    Now that I've properly phrased my question, I find it fairly well addressed on the web. At first glance, it seems like most discussions involve RAW images so that is, apparently, the right answer though I'm not sure if it is the only one. Some of those discussions involve a Topaz plugin. By coincidence, I received a discount offer on this software about a week ago but didn't really look at it. I'm far from certain that I'd use this if I had it but I guess I'll think about it. Although it is typically described as a Photoshop plugin, it apparently also works for Serif PhotoPlus since that's where the offer came from. I've used PhotoPlus for many years and talk about it a little bit here.

  7. Thanks for the compliment. My current primary camera, a Nikon D5100, is over a year old but I am doing a bit more post processing these days. Mostly just canned automatic stuff. Definitely no HDR and, as far as I know, no tone mapping. However, your HDR reference did remind me of a question which, rather than take this thread any further off course, I've put in a new General Topic

  8. My son now has a job that involves photographing paratroopers (Navy Leap Frogs) which obviously can involve some serious backlighting. His questions got me to thinking about HDR which is something I hadn't really paid all that much attention to before. My Nikon D5100 has in-camera HDR but it's still multiple exposures (i.e., two shutter cycles) that get blended. This or computer based HDR would be just fine if the subjects would pause in their descent just long enough for two or three exposures. This is, however, something they stubbornly refuse to do. My Android phone has an HDR feature that (I think) does it electronically with just one shutter (if it even has a shutter) cycle. My questions are, am I thinking of HDR properly and do you know of any "real" cameras with single exposure HDR?

  9. With two of those you could capture those birds in 3D.


    Regarding the matched Canons, I've got to wonder about the value of the zoom lenses. I imagine you can only use them at one end or the other unless you wanted some real "artsy" stuff in your stereo images.

  10. I want to follow the old road in Oregon between Ontario and Burns one of these days, but I am also thinking of doing more research on a GMC milk truck driven over the National Parks Highway in about 1915, immediately after the route was “blazed.”. It was a double transcontinental, which may make it the first ever double transcontinental truck run. Talk about esoteric! And it was done with a man and his wife and four year old daughter. Gotta be a first. Eat your heart out, Denny.

    I am indeed envious but I am also curious. Of course, I'm eager for your trip report but I'd also like to know just how many "double transcontinental truck run"s it was the first of. If possible, limit your answer to those involving milk trucks and four year old daughters.

  11. Splendid! A quite nice telling of both adventures -- that of original race and your own in retracing it. Reading of a major "first ever" that hasn't been over-documented is naturally exciting and getting it from a "world expert" even more so. I imagine your claim of "top ten" is entirely too modest. The old & new photos and the modern maps were put together in such a way as to give us a pretty good feel for this thing. wel done. I'm guessing that you are at least considering calling the ranch owner to see about getting permission to look for the post office.


    Since the drive involved two identical cars and seems to have had backing from Oldsmobile, I thought it odd that it was considered a competition. In fact, I half way thought that modern folks may have applied the word "race" to something that was really a factory test run or something similar. But looking back at some of the old documentation you mention shows that it was called a race from the beginning. Very interesting.


    I was saddened when Oldsmobile closed down although I admit I didn't do my share to keep them in business. Stories like this had a very different feel just a few years ago when Olds was the oldest surviving US automobile brand rather than just another statistic.

  12. So that's what you've been up to.


    I certainly recall the invitation when I was on the west coast last year and am sure glad you got out there. Hope you weren't really waiting. Looking forward to details, photos, and wild tales. Sorry about the Hilltop but perhaps your graduation was more of a financial hit to them then you realized. You can hardly expect a place to survive if their former regulars don't at least stop in every decade or so.


    Thanks for introducing me to a new word. Yes, I should have known what Warrenite was but didn't. I don't expect much luck in using it in conversation today but will report any successes here.

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