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  1. That all seems rather bizarre though I might not really appreciate what's going on. It sounds like government agencies are simply signing some imaginary route for folks who want to drive directly from Chicago to Kansas City. Signing imaginary routes isn't particularly strange but I'm thinking that the practice usually involves roads/routes that used to be real (e.g. Historic Route 66, Historic National Road) or serve some recreational/tour purpose (e.g., Great River Road, Colonial Parkway). Are there other modern "named highways" intended to get folks from A to B that I'm just not aware of?

  2. It seems somewhat common to have a road be some multiple of brick length wide and to offset every other row by half a brick. That is pretty much the pattern shown in the "fade away" shot and in most of the rows in the close up shot. That one row, however, is weird. Maybe they were using up remnants or maybe it's a special pattern used by some once famous brick layer as a signature. It's basically just another unsolved (and unimportant) old road mystery.

  3. Welcome to the forum, tombstone. Keep those observations coming.


    tombstone's comment and Chris's response triggered a couple of thoughts. One is that, although Michael Buettner's is officially a Lincoln Highway guy, he has researched and documented other highways in Ohio and has several articles here that are worth a look. The second is that Rick Martin, who Michael quotes in the PP-OO article, was quite active, as PPOO, in the early part of this thread, seems to have vanished. He last visited the forum in 2008. That also appears to be about the last time there was any activity on the ppoo.org website.

  4. I'm confident that all forum members know that this is the Lincoln Highway's centennial year and most are probably aware of the Lincoln Highway Association car tours that drove from each coast and met in the middle. Quite a few members are also aware of my participation even though I failed to announce it here myself. It was implied in a thread or two and Keep the Show on the Road Dave recently mentioned it in this sub-forum. After forgetting to announce it at the beginning, I've been waiting for an appropriate point and some available time to correct that. I'm not home yet but I have completed the Lincoln Highway portion which was the point of the whole trip so here 'tis:



  5. You should have told us!!

    Well, you know how secretive I can be about my travels.


    Actually, when I started this thread, the chances of the Valiant even starting the trip didn't look too good. Those are much better now but the chances of it finishing remain about the same.


    Seeing some of that video would be cool. I'm sure I won't make Death Valley this year with or without the Valiant but if the Valiant and I make it to Lone Pine, we'll attempt a recreation or two. I think the last time I tried that it involved rolling up my pant cuffs and standing by a tree house.

  6. This will take you through Death Valley and really test out your cars air conditioning.

    I'd probably jump right on that if I had any air conditioning to test. The intention (and I keep being very indefinite because so many things could go wrong) is to do this in a 1963 Valiant unburdened by an AC compressor. It might happen in a different car or it might not happen at all (see earlier "...many things could go wrong" comment).

  7. Despite Dave's one-eyed (equivalent, I believe, to an easterner's half-hearted) endorsement of a southern route, you've all convinced me that to miss an opportunity to drive Tioga Pass would probably get me laughed out of the forum. Deservedly so, I'm sure. Bodie sounds intriguing and it's on the wanna-see list along with other suggestions. Specific stops depend, of course, on time, weather, money, and mood.


    Note that I'm not at all tied to passing through Barstow though it seems that both my misguided US-99 route and the enlightened one down US-395 more or less lead there.

  8. It will be at pretty much the worst possible time, right in the middle of July, but it's a follow on to the LHA centennial tour so I've not much choice in scheduling. I will have passed though some of the area you mention a few days earlier while west bound.


    I think I like the 120 & 395 idea and I imagine the 50 or so miles of I-580 is a more than fair trade for a 100+ miles of CA-99. I arrived at the CA-152 etc route by starting out with a drive on CA-1 but I have done that in the past and could still work in a few miles if I feel the need.


    Details of this leg, including it even happening, are vague and iffy but, assuming it happens, we should definitely work out a way to connect. Thanks much for the insight.

  9. I'm just starting to look at a return path from San Francisco. I'm sort of looking at state routes. Maybe CA-1 to CA-152 at Watsonville, CA-152 to its end at CA-99, CA-99 to Bakersfield, and CA-58 to Barstow. From there I'm in semi-familiar territory and can work my way east on Historic 66 or other roads.


    I'm fishing for comments and in particular am curious about Hecker Pass on CA-152. Scenic? Challenging? Boring?

  10. Denny,


    you've got me beat by 8 Wright R2600's. The most I ever was able to see was 16 sometime in the late 90's as they made a pass over the USS Hornet which is now a museum at the former Alameda Naval Air Station. If you're ever out this way the carrier is well worth spending half a day exploring.


    The Doolittle Raiders final gathering in Florida was the last "public" gathering of the remaining airmen. They intend to have a private gathering to break open the bottle of 1896 Hennesy Cognac and make a final toast. Men like that are few and far between.





    I don't know that I ever got all twenty in the lens at one time while they were airborne but you can see the 2012 reunion from my point of view here.

  11. Sorry to be so late to the party. Gotta do some shotgunning.


    black85vette: Your trip reads like a section of my bucket list. Yellowstone, Little Big Horn, and Rushmore are all still in my future. I definitely encourage you to drive the Lincoln but don't view it as another Route 66. I've talked with some who did and, not only were they disappointed, they missed enjoying a great route with truly unique history.


    KtSonR: The Yellowstone Trail is very much on my bucket list. Know of any guides for the west portion who work for peanuts -- and an occasional beer?


    roadhound: At last year's Doolittle reunion in Dayton, I had 20 B-25s (The most in one place since WW II) fly over my head. Even without the background and appreciation you and others have, the sound was incredible. BTW, 3 of the 4 survivors met in Florida this year and announced that there would be no more public reunions.

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