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  1. You will probably bump into him on the road, by design or happenstance, when you take your trip.


    Now, Dave. Don't scare the girl.


    There are many different types of "laziness" and Dave, Jim, Jeff, and several other forum members do a lot of serious digging through layers of maps and other documentation which us truly lazy members get to benefit from and post pointers to.

  2. ...I can't tell my Garmin to direct me to go on roads existing prior to 1930.


    Too true although I've often longed for just such a setting.


    You can, however, have your Garmin play back the exact route you desire if you want to spend the time and money to do it. It takes time because you have to plot things rather carefully and money because only the higher priced Garmin units can actually do this. I'm usually traveling alone so it's worth it to me to have a pre-programmed emotionless navigator telling me where to turn (or at least where I thought I wanted to turn when I left home). If you think this is something you'd want to do, I'd be happy to discuss it.

  3. A small argument for my guess is that US6 was considered a transcontinental route. And BTW, it has fans today, and I wouldn't be surprised to find a web site. I know American Road has done some stories about the route.


    It does indeed have websites. The U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association tackles the whole country, Pennsylvania's Route 6 has some good single state stuff and there may be others. Grand Old US 6 is a regular alternate issue department in American Road Magazine and this very forum includes a U.S, 6 sub-forum.


    Maria, it looks like your folks were off of US 6 by Toledo or thereabouts but some of the modern US 6 resources could be useful for the early bits.

  4. Although Port Jervis isn't a listed "destination", going through PJ on US-6 to get to Hawley, PA, sure seems reasonable. If PJ turns out to be an overnight for you, I suggest the Erie Hotel. It's been slightly, but not drastically, remodeled since 1929 Dotty & friends may not have stayed there but they could have. It was built in 1890 and the rooms haven't grown much since then.


    Dave's guestimate could, of course, be wrong but there's a better chance that it's right. Dave is not infallible and doesn't claim to be but he will give you a damned good guess and a lot of insight. He will be a good "assistant" as you put the route together.


    Embarrassing confession: I was within a mile of the Bear Mountain Suspension Bridge last year and didn't know it.

  5. Hey, I thought I was the only one with them.


    Actually, I believe everyone sees their own but not others'. I can't say whether or not the warning system is actually being used. That's a question for the admins. If it is not being used, it can be disabled. Apparently there is no way to have the system enabled and hide the counts although there are some discussions on the web suggesting that. The current arrangement prevents it being used for Double Secret Probation.

  6. I'd say so. I imagine that's been the case since the forum came back from the multiple days of maintenance. The list of recent topics that once appeared at upper right disappeared about the same time. At present, when I click on "Members" I'm told I'm not authorized which I believe is a change but may not be a malfunction.

  7. I have to conclude at this point that there's an IF statement like the following somewhere in the board's code:


    IF (username="DennyG")

    THEN redirect

    ELSE continue



    IF ((username="DennyG") AND (something = rand(somethingelse)))

    THEN redirect

    ELSE continue


    Though I'm still hoping for:

    IF (something = rand(somethingelse))

    THEN redirect

    ELSE continue

  8. Like Dave says, it seems you've probably got an open field. I recall being in Virginia Beach just once and that was primarily to touch the eastern tip of US-60 which I did in the rain. I followed US-60 most of the way home on that trip which lead me to the Colonial Parkway and the Williamsburg-Jamestown-Yorktown triangle. That's about 50 miles from Virginia and about the only thing I can personally suggest in the area. Of course, there are an awful lot of ships and sailors between Virginia Beach and Williamsburg. On another trip to the area (both were while my son was stationed there) we spent an enjoyable day on the Norfolk waterfront. I know the USS Wisconsin is there and open as a museum but I haven't been on it myself.

  9. Fortunately I hadn't finished uncorking the champagne when I learned that the code Becky mentioned was removed yesterday (Monday) afternoon. This morning's 8:02 redirect proved that it was not the problem. Any remaining doubt was taken care of by an occurrence just now, at 22:31. Despite what wild stories on the internet lead me to believe, a problem that is seen only by me is, almost by definition, only my problem. I shall suffer (but not very much) in silence until I discover something new or the world ends on Friday, whichever occurs last.

  10. Excellent. That's in keeping with what I read online. Why others didn't see it remains a mystery but not a very important one. Guess they're just not as lucky as I am. What is important is determining and dealing with the security breech that allowed the intrusion.


    My last sighting was this morning at 8:02 EST.

  11. Dave: I had used both Yahoo & Google and just now tried Bing. About all I've found is an Infinity company selling anti-virus software in the UK, an internet provider named Infinity that some times get mentioned along with viruses, and the Infinity Virus from 1992. I don't think that matters, however, since I believe that neither Infinity Ads nor URL4Short.info are at fault or any more evil than every other get-rich-from-internet-advertising dreamer. Both offer what are probably legitimate services which are being misused by some as yet unknown evildoer.


    Jim: Last night's occurrence was without the Infinity Ad overlay. I haven't seen it this morning. Maybe it's already starting to go away. If it does, I suppose I'll eventually forget about it and be content but that's not what I'm hoping for. Being involved in software, you're probably aware that one of a developer's worst fears is a problem that goes away on its own. Problems that disappear on their own are prone to reappearing on their own and it's often in the middle of a demo to the world's largest customer or something similar.


    Search for "url2short.info redirect" and you'll find a number of discussions regarding unwanted redirection (hijacking) most of which involve forums. VBulletin and InvisionPower are both well represented. Many of the descriptions sound almost exactly like what I'm seeing and most, if not all, involve server side redirection. The big difference is that most of them have more than one witness.

  12. Well, there goes another perfectly good theory. In my opinion, pretty much everything about it points to a server side issue with the exception that no one sees it but me. Some sort of internet Harvey. Perhaps I am somehow prejudiced.


    It just now happened to me again for the second time today though, for the first time ever, I just got the redirect to "locked content" without an ad overlaid on it.


    Oops. Dave, I meant to ask about the "Infinity Virus". The only thing I found was something from the early 1990s that didn't sound much like what I'm seeing. Do you know of something else?

  13. I have some decent protection in place and have also been pretty much infection free for a long time. I'm even rather confident that includes now. But your post prompted me to think and search a bit more and I believe I've found something.


    Much like a football ref who sees the second punch, I focused on the second symptom. The Infinity Ads are a result of the redirection that is the real problem (the first punch). A search for "url4short.info" turned up some interesting things and eventually led to some discussions of an exploit that targets the MySQL DB of Invision Power boards. My current theory is that this has happened at ARMF. My (weaker) theory for why only I see it is that it is browser related. My default browser is Chrome. I stumbled across a few hints that some browsers may be aware of the evil URL and shield users.from it.


    The post here, which I reached through this discussion, gives some info on protection and correction. I don't expect it to make much sense to many and I don't expect it to be the ultimate reference for the administrators. It would be wise for them to do their own research but the post might be a good starting point.

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