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Rusty Davis: Michigan’s Underwater Byway

Posted on 02/28/2017

Credit the dedication of passionate volunteers like Rusty Davis for finding the links to Michigan’s first highway, Hull’s Trace.  It was part of the road carved out of the wilderness[…]

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Billy D. Abner: Lil Abner Motel

Posted on 08/01/2016

Our Summer 2016 issue was dedicated to the theme of Comic Strips and the American Road.  Our Memory Motel column focused on the Li’l Abner Motel in eastern Kentucky.  You might imagine a rustic and rugged haven[…]

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Jim Cassler: Three Roads Tour 2016

Posted on 05/24/2016

Road tours have become immensely popular with our readers and listeners.  What better way to enjoy our great national than along its classic two lane arteries?  Roads like the National[…]

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Cory Jobe: Presidential Travel

Posted on 02/21/2016

The state of Illinois has long been known as the Land of Lincoln because of the wealth of tourist attractions around the 16th President throughout the state.  However, Cory Jobe, Illinois’ Director[…]

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Erika Nelson: Think Bigger

Posted on 02/11/2016

It’s a brand new year for American Road Trip Talk. We normally use this podcast to introduce you to the people and places behind the stories in the magazine.  In[…]

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