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Erika Nelson and Sites od Seattle

Posted on 06/14/2019

Meet Erika Nelson, Pretty Smart Cookie and Creator of the World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things Traveling Roadside Attraction and Museum, trains her[…]

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Vandalia, Illinois Bicentennial Celebration

Posted on 06/07/2019

Local historian and preservationist Mary Truitt details the remarkable history of Vandalia, Illinois as a crossroads of 19th Century America, a town rich with Midwest history and a significant location[…]

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Key West Art & Historical Society

Posted on 05/31/2019

Dr. Cori Convertito, Curator of Collections for the Key West Art & Historical Society, presides over a treasure trove from her office at the Custom House, flagship of four renowned[…]

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Endless Adventure in Key West

Posted on 05/24/2019

Anyone who spends time in Key West, Florida will discover as Ernest Hemingway himself did that this four-mile long stretch of paradise gets into your soul and never leaves. Key[…]

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Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota

Posted on 05/17/2019

Austin, Minnesota is home to Hormel Foods and the colorfully interactive SPAM Museum that welcomes many thousands of loyal consumers each year to a veritable shrine that celebrates a product[…]

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