Li'l Abner's Motel & Pool

Billy D. Abner: Lil Abner Motel

Our Summer 2016 issue was dedicated to the theme of Comic Strips and the American Road.  Our Memory Motel column focused on the Li’l Abner Motel in eastern Kentucky.  You might imagine a rustic and rugged haven of rest that matched the cornpone antics of Al Capp’s famous characters like Mammy Yokum, Daisy Mae and Lil Abner himself.  But as you will hear from Billy D. Abner, the current proprietor, that is far from true, although the motel is still nestles in the beauty of the Red River Gorge and some of the finest rock climbing in the country.  Billy’s accent may be a bit thick but I think that you will enjoy getting to know his down home hospitality and make the Lil Abner Motel a favorite stop on your journey.  Click here to see the Lil Abner photo gallery.

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